New Press Release On Ken Shamrock's Sons MMA Debut

Written By: H. Foreman
Fight At The Falls
Oroville, CA

Ken Shamrock’s Oldest Son Makes His Debut!!

A sold out Ken Shamrock Production, 13 fights — not one disappointing, special appearances including Ruben “Warpath” Villareal and the highly talked about debut of Ken’s oldest of 4 kids – Ryan Shamrock; the night was summed up perfectly by Ken Shamrock after weigh ins, “Their 3 — 3 minute rounds guys, so we want action! We want to see a finish!”
The night started with heart pounding music, introductions — including Vernon “Tiger” White and Dan Molina, and Ken Shamrock looking to be in the best shape of his career (hmm?), stepping into the cage, grabbing the mic and getting the party started — “The fighters are taped up! Gloved up! And ready to slam, punch and submit their way to victory! Are you ready to rumble?!”
With 13 fights — all worth their press time –I have to highlight each, and to start things off was the first ever in Ken Shamrock’s Production — girl fight!

Kristin “Barbie” Niedzulski Vs. Shawn “The Nightmare” Tamaribuchi
As the girls made their way into the cage — Kristin was pacing, she looked anxious — her opponent Shawn looked still and calm. The girls started it off swinging — Kristin used that nervous energy and just overwhelmed Shawn, mounting her and swinging punches — 23 seconds into the first round the ref called the fight. Shawn was pretty upset, but it was her first fight and when you get mounted like that and struck like that over and over without defending yourself enough — your gonna lose.

Kenji “Strictly Business” Alejandro Vs. Angelo “The Blade” Robledo
The second fight of the night didn’t last much longer — 40 seconds to be exact. Kenji swings and lands, knocking Angelo down, but to Angelo’s credit he gets up and tries to give Kenji a war, but he’s already rocked. Kenji mounts and throws right handed bombs over and over – Ref calls the fight in the first round.

Devin “Mighty Mouse” Conkling Vs. Robert Bell
This fight offered 3 full rounds of slams, chokes, strikes — anything you can think of and more! Both fighters gave the crowd a gladiator style battle. Devin gained top control multiple times thru the fight and landed more body shots and blows to the face — to Roberts credit though — he had Devin in a gilateen at least twice that looked deep, but with Lion’s Den training — Devin was able to work his way out each time. Thru-out the fight Devin proved himself — even in the final seconds of the third when Devin landed a hard kick that left Robert limping out of the cage. Devin got the decision, but Robert made him work for it.

Jeff Jorgenson was probably the youngest fighter there and the nephew of legendary Ken Shamrock. He definitely looks like he has the Shamrock strength and I know he has a desire for this sport that will not be quenched. With that combination this next generation MMA fighter is definitely one to keep your eye on!

Jeff Jorgenson Vs. Kyle Davey
Jeff was the aggressor immediately — shooting in for Kyle’s legs and dropping him to the ground. Once down, Jeff mounts, swings and ends it with a rear naked choke. Victory for Jeff. End of story.

Salah “Body Snatcher” Zabian Vs. Brookins Delano
Salah — a professional boxer versus Brookins Delano — an up and comer – proved that in MMA, if you have heart, you have a career in this sport. 14 seconds into the first round Delano rocked the boxer’s world — TKO style! Salah was dazed and Delano walked away with a broken hand.

“I think that was the fastest knockout ever in Ken Shamrock’s Production!” Ken Shamrock.

Lance Wipf Vs. Cole Nagy
Here was another 3 rounder ending in a dramatic split decision. It was a close bout, but with Lance dominating the first 2 rounds…Lance slams Cole getting the mount in the first and working the position. The second round — again Lance shoots and gains top control. Once he has it Cole holds him close, but Lance manages to get punches in. Cole rolls out –the ref stands them up — Cole uppercuts and misses – Lance doesn’t. The third starts off with a blow by Cole that seems to rock Lance a little. After some body shots to Lance and Cole able to get him down — the ref does stand them back up, only to have Lance take Cole down and get the mount. Cole finds a way to get out and the final horn blows. Lance takes the decision against the crowds’ wishes –the local boy Cole Nagy loses, but puts on a heck of a fight!

Joe Martin Vs. Leland Gridley
This catch weight exhibition match by 2 Lion’s Den fighters definitely shocked the crowd. Joe Martin — a seasoned Den fighter and Leland Gridley and up and comer with a wrestling background put on an edge of your seat battle with a shocking outcome. The problem – Joe Martin couldn’t keep Leland submitted. Joe got at least 2 leg locks in that looked like they were gonna end the fight and Leland rolled out like it was nothing. Two minutes into the first round Leland the wrestler lands a strike that knocks Joe down and the ref calls the fight. Joe does get up and was definitely not happy with the call.

Ok here is the fight that most of you have been waiting to hear about and you had to see it to believe it!

Ryan Shamrock Vs. Josh Besneatte
At 18 years old — 5’9” and 132 pounds, Ryan stepped into the cage not physically looking like the type of fighter that’s gonna rip thru his opponent and impress the unimpressive. Josh starts the fight off swinging, Ryan pins him and slams like he has retard strength. Ryan mounts and drops bombs — wait — Ryan gets an arm bar! Josh twists out of it, Ryan mounts again and more bombs. Ryan gets the choke in — josh struggles, he gets out — Ryan swings and gets the choke again — this time it sinks. The crowd went wild. The fight was non stop action! Right after the fight Ken walked into the cage looking pumped and jokingly said, “It looked like you threw everything out there that we talked about, how you feel?” The crowd was anxious to hear the son of The World’s most Dangerous Man answer back — “It was fun.” Ryan’s answer was short and sweet — kind of like his victory — 1.51 seconds in the first round.

Darrin Freeman Vs. Sam Zamarron
This fight probably would have ended a round earlier if Darrin — an experienced boxer with knockout power would have let his hands fly a little more. Sam is able to get the mount and land some body punches, but 33 seconds into the second round Darrin lands a right and Sam just collapses to the ground — Darrin goes in for the kill — Ref stoppage.

Randall “Spitfire” Limond Vs. Gary “The Maniac” Golden
This fight showcased how cardio plays such a big role in a fighter’s career. Randall just overwhelms Gary the first round with strikes, body shots and a choke — it was all Gary could do to stay in the fight. At one point Gary did land a punch and Randall looked like he liked it, yelling “Yahhh!” In the second and final round Randall starts off good landing a kick and punch to the face, but he just gasses from there leaving every opportunity to Gary who takes full advantage. After some body shots to Randall and a kick that lands — Gary smells blood. Gary noly seems to hit him again and Randall just falls. Gary excited swings and lands a blow to the back of the Randall’s head while he’s down. The ref yanks Gary off and the doctor soon makes his way in with Randall in clear pain! The fight did go to Randall because of Gary’s disqualification — Gary apologized and all was good with the world again.

Matt Nicolai Vs Sean Bogan
Short, but exciting — Matt shoots for Sean right off the bat. Both fighters go wild, swinging and punching. Soon Sean knocks Matt square in the face and he just collapses to his knees — it looked painful! It was another doctor visit to the cage — winner y TKO — Sean Bogan. Later that night Matt was taking by ambulance — he is ok, but paying for that jab.

Ashe “The Archer” Bowman Vs. Dan “The Pitbull” Russmon
The main event of the night was nothing short of exciting and dramatic! Before the fight even started — it looked like one was gonna break out in the cage with the announcer caught in the middle. Once the clock started it was on — Dan throws the first strike and they lock up — ending up on the ground Ashe gets the infamous Shamrock leglock on Dan that looks like it about to break his foot, but Dan to his credit rolls out. Ashe mounts his back dropping left, right bombs — eventually getting the choke. Ashe ends it victorious a minute into the first round by Rear Naked Choke.

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