New UFC Story: The Age Of 'The Iceman'

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The Age of the “The Iceman”
Grant Gordon –

Los Angeles, California


As dozens of surprised fans echo his name, it's an ovation that pales in comparison to the roar that greets him when he makes his way to the octagon in front of thousands of thundering fans. Nonetheless, when “The Iceman” Chuck Liddell enters a room, people take notice.

On this day, like many in the life of the undisputed Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, he's got PR and then more PR on the agenda. Rubber-necking gamblers at the Mandalay Bay sports book hold their bets to get a glimpse of the modern-day gladiator, fans clamor to him, snapping pictures with cell phones as he makes his way into a Sirius Radio booth for a mid-day interview.

“Tonight we dine in hell” is emblazoned across the back of his “300” T-shirt, as he's weeks away from a whirlwind media tour to promote the action flick that will soar to No. 1 at the box offices. A faded pair of jeans, his trademark Mohawk, tattoos stenciled on the side of his head, his finger in a brace, nursing a knee injury and a cold, he is every bit as much the new-age icon called the “Iceman” as he is a down-to-earth guy named Chuck Liddell.

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