New York Post Gushing Over UFC Champion Miesha Tate

For those in-tune with the MMA scene, the idea of Miesha Tate knocking out red-hot photo shoots is not surprising.

However, now that she is atop the UFC bantamweight world, Tate is likely in line for more high-profile gigs than before.

And the New York Post has taken notice.

In a recent report, the site had this to say about “Cupcake,” who will likely meet Ronda Rousey for a third time before 2016 closes:

Ronda Rousey has some stiff competition — both in the ring and on the red carpet.

Miesha Tate — the current UFC women’s bantamweight champion after she put Holly Holm in a headlock last week — is hardly recognizable in this glamorous photo shoot. The 29-year-old stunner traded in her cornrows and gloves for curls and stilettos — and with a body like that, could be poised to be the next athlete to chase entertainment stardom.

Tate likely will face off with former UFC champ Rousey for the 135-pound bantamweight title later this year; Rousey has defeated Tate in two previous matches. Rousey, who held the title for three years straight, fell to Holm in ­November.