Nick Diaz On GSP Fighting Anderson Silva: “He’s Scared To Do The Fight”

During Monday’s edition of “The MMA Hour” at, UFC contender Nick Diaz fired a verbal missile at his former rival Georges St-Pierre.

When Diaz was asked to comment on a statement St-Pierre made regarding Diaz taking a fight with Anderson Silva at 185-pounds as opposed to a catch-weight bout, the Stockton native fired off multiple verbal jabs at Canada’s finest.

“The thing is about old Georges is he’s not doing the fight, okay?” said Diaz. “So, he didn’t take the fight. He could barely say two things and he’d get the fight, just like that. But he didn’t want the fight. He’s scared to do the fight, and he’s scared to do the fight at 185 pounds, and he thinks that we have so much in common that maybe I don’t want to do the fight at 185. How the f**k does he know? Who knows, maybe I have a harder time making weight than old Georges does. I come in there skinny as s**t. Georges packs on an extra 20 pounds of muscle. I’m like, that’s what I have to do to fight at 185 pounds. So you can look at it like, however you want, but the thing is, the fact is, I’m like he didn’t really take into consideration what’s what when it comes to what’s really on with it.”

Diaz continued, “Not that [Silva] is not going to, but he doesn’t have to show up on weight, doesn’t mean that I’m not going to fight. The fact is that we’re both going to walk out there, and I’m going to be a lot smaller if I try to make a catchweight and my opponent decides that he doesn’t want to make weight. Now I actually have a real issue to do with, and that’s a real physical possibility. I’m not concerned about who gets fined a little small 10-percent or whatever, because you didn’t make weight or something. As far as I know, Anderson Silva, he’s always made weight. What’s one time you don’t make weight?”

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