Note On Vernon “Tiger” White Interview Excerpt

A reader of this website submitted a story yesterday (as all fans are encouraged to do) but without sending me the source of where the interview came from. Vernon “Tiger” White is a confidant of a friend of mine who works with the Lion's Den and is part of Mr. White's represenation, and confirmed the quote for me. However, he was unable to provide a source for the interview – just that “Tiger” had confirmed the statement being made.

Due to a customized newsboard script, edits can not be made to previous posts. Just full delete's and re-posts when an error is made in a post. Due to an amount of new content being printed over top the old interview excerpt I can't edit the post to point out where the information originated. I would like to apologize to the folks at and point out to the viewing public that the “Chuck Liddell rehab” comment originated from work done by their web team.

Everyone check out for the full Vernon “Tiger” White interview, that sparked a lot of conversion on the various message boards and news groups.