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Jason Appleton sent along the following:


August 20th, 2007 brings efficiency to MMA industry affairs for fighters, managers, sponsors and promoters. Official beta to begin Monday, August 20th. Fighters could win sponsorship.

After spending a little over a year now in mixed martial arts initially training as a 7ft tall 285lb fighter in Cincinnati, OH, Jason Appleton has since excelled in the business by founding the MMA Big Show, an MMA promotion out of Cincinnati that has been doing arena shows since November of last year and now going on the road with one to two shows monthly to be televised on national TV and online, not to mention Appleton manages such fighters as Roger Bowling and Dustin Winterhalt.

“Since starting the MMA Big Show I have had such a hard time not only finding quality fighters for events but knowing their records, how much they get paid, seeing photos or even getting bio information. If I found a fighter online somewhere, I couIdn’t find their manager or contact information or I would get an email from a manager with 40 names on it and no other data and if I wanted to know more I had to swap 30 emails back and forth to get all the details which was very confusing. I started Fighter Access to aid me in my search and being able to get all the information I need right off the bat.”

Appleton began development of with Gary Mort, a programmer with

“ caters to the MMA industry as a whole.” Explains Appleton. “If a fighter is looking for events to compete in, they can search for promoters anywhere in the world and contact them. If they want sponsorship, they can search for sponsors and find out what each company expects before supporting an up and coming fighter. If a promoter or manager is looking for fighters they can search the database on anything from weight class, fight record, city, state, pay rate, you name it.”

Although it is always free to register and setup a profile on whether it’s for a fighter, manager, sponsor or promoter, there is a $29.99 monthly subscription system if you wish to search the database and contact members of the site. This will hinder regular MMA fans from just searching for industry vets and contacting them to announce their love and loyalty for a fighter.

“This isn’t a fan site.” Says Appleton “It’s a growing database of professionals in MMA. Maybe it costs a promoter a monthly fee, but it’s a small price to pay to have hundreds or even thousands of fighters, sponsors and managers under your fingertips with all the data you need to be more efficient. Fighters may pay the fee to find events and many fighters make a couple grand a fight. It’s more than worth it, especially as we add new features on a regular basis.”

You can contact members of the site directly through the site to prevent spam, or email them through the site.

Starting on Monday, August 20th, 2007 the official Beta launch for will commence. Users can setup their profiles on the site and market themselves by linking people to their profile. Once registered they can subscribe for our free Beta Subscription which allows them full access of the site. Without even having launched already has over 100 profiles on the site which is a great sign. FighterAccess expects to have over 1,000 profiles on the site by the first of 2008.

Several sponsors have stepped up to support in it’s Beta launch offering to provide sponsorships for winning fighters at the end of the Beta.

Such sponsors are Toe 2 Toe Fight Gear who is a notable sponsor of many UFC stars including Chuck Lidell, Forest Griffin, Mike Swick and many others.

Hostile Fight Gear who is known for sponsoring the likes of UFC's Mikey Burnett amongst others.

Headblade is also a Beta sponsor who is as recognizable in the sport of MMA as any clothing brand and known for sponsoring fighters such as Chuck Lidell, Frank Trigg and many other athletes.

KUBED Fight Gear who is a new up and comer in quality fight gear clothing and known for their involvement with King Of The Cage and multiple fighters.

Several other new sponsors will be announced over the course of the Beta phase of

For a fighter to win a Sponsorship, he or she must simply register for their free profile and link it on their website, myspace page or anywhere else. The profiles with the highest number of unique visits by the end of Beta will receive sponsorship.

Users are also encouraged to contact staff with any bugs, feature ideas or comments on the site, this is Beta afterall. – Your #1 Source for Boxing and UFC Equipment. Updated Health & Fitness Blog (>>)