Overeem Camp Says Champ Will Defend Strikeforce Title In 2010

MMAWeekly.com talked to Bas Boon, who is the head of Golden Glory, Alistair Overeems home gym, and he tells the site that Overeem will be back in the US in 2010 and that Fedor Emelianenko may be in trouble:

“We’ll be seeing him (in Strikeforce) next year, 100 percent. Whatever they want, if they want to put Alistair against Fedor, it’s fine, depending on how we can make good terms. Obviously, if it was a build-up, there were the first two fights if (Alistair) would win, and then he would go for a bigger fight and the money would be better, but if Fedor challenges him for the title, (Alistair) still has the title and he wants to defend it, it’s not a problem. Then the fight is on. I can tell you one thing, man, Alistair’s going to be ready. He’s going to (expletive) Fedor up.”