Pain Convention International Muay Thai Championships

Mike Miles from CAKMA sent along the following:


CAKMA and Mike Miles are pleased to announce that Calgary will be a hotbed for Muay Thai activity in 2008!

Calgary's 1st Fight Event of the Year!
Best Stand Up Fighting in Canada.

Saturday January 19th, 2007
Doors Open 5:30 PM and Fights Start at 6:30 PM
Calgary Telus Convention Centre – 120 – 9th Ave SE
North Building Exhibition Hall CD

In his third professional outing, Calgary's celebrated Muay Thai athlete Jesse 'Smiles' Miles takes on celebrated MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing athlete Jason 'Sumo Samurai' St. Louis. This will be a hotly contested Muay Thai match as Miles squares off against the Sumo Samurai who has almost 50 professional bouts to his name. St. Louis is taller than Miles and possesses very good movement, very fast hands, and is very 'cagey' in the ring. Miles is taking a huge step up in class and ability squaring off with St. Louis. This Superfight is one of at least 6 guaranteed world class Muay Thai bouts on this event.


NAME: Jesse Miles
NICKNAME: 'Smiles'
HEIGHT: 5 Feet 7 Inches
WEIGHT: 175 lbs.
PROFESSIONAL FIGHT RECORD: 2 Wins, 0 Losses, 0 Draws, 1 KO
NAME OF GYM: Mike Miles Muay Thai (Khaay SitKraitus)
NAME OF COACH: Ajarn Mike Miles
HOME TOWN: Calgary, AB

NAME: Jason St. Louis
NICKNAME: 'Sumo Samurai'
HEIGHT: 6 Feet 1 Inch
WEIGHT: 175 lbs.
PROFESSIONAL FIGHT RECORD: 31 Wins, 17 Losses, 1 Draw, 14 KO's
TITLES: UCC/TKO Middleweight MMA Champion, UGC Middleweight MMA Champion, UGC Welterweight MMA Champion, MC Middleweight MMA Champion, 2 X Canadian Pankration Champion, 3 X Canadian Sport Jiu-jitsu Champion, X-Punch Cruiserweight Boxing Champion.
NAME OF GYM: Alliance Martial Arts
NAME OF COACH: Self-Trained
HOME TOWN: Kelowna, B.C.

Also featured is Trevor T.N.T. Smandych fresh off of his involvement in The Contender – Asia. Filmed by the same crew that gave us The Contender Boxing from the USA, Smandych wants to showcase his skills on this event against German Steve Neumann.
Other bouts include Sandra Bastian fighting for a vacant WKA Women's World Lightweight Muay Thai Title.
Misty Sutherland, Phil Leier, Peter Arbeau, Alana Dunbrack, Steve McKinnon, and Adam Bronconnier round out the program.

The bout is taking place in the Telus Convention Centre so that fans of all ages can attend the event. There will be liquor sales for those spectators wishing it.

TICKETS: From $150 (VIP – Assigned Seating) – $50 (General Admission – Rush Seating)

TICKETS AVAILABLE AT: Mike Miles Muay Thai — 6041 — 6th St SE (403.244.8424)

National Kickboxing and Muay Thai NW – #25 7750 Ranchview Dr. NW (403.208.1296)

Professional bouts are sanctioned by the World Muay Thai Council (WMC) and the Calgary Combative Sports Commission. Amateur bouts are sanctioned by the Canadian Muay Thai Council — Amateur (CMTC-A). Changes to the line up can occur at any time and are beyond the control of the Promoter. 6 Bouts Guaranteed!

***This event is brought to you by Mike Miles Muay Thai and the executive and membership of the Calgary Amateur Kickboxing and Muay Thai Association (CAKMA a registered not for profit association)***


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