Passing-The-Guard Of The Great Renzo Gracie

Press Release:

Passing-the-Guard of the GREAT Renzo Gracie
Mixed Martial Arts King Builds Team with Talent and Class

HAMILTON, NJ – Maestro Renzo, gracious Gracie, IFL pit bull coach; whatever you call him, Renzo Gracie is pure talent. He’s an articulate, handsome, one-of-kind leader who magnetizes everyone who comes in contact with him. Moreover, the talent Renzo Gracie attracts is high-class stuff. Like the saying goes “birds of a feather flock together”, he’s built his team rock-solid, through and through.

Newly decorated Black Belt, Bill Scott of Brick, New Jersey knows this fact well. Bill recently earned his Black Belt through a lot of hard work and dedication under the watchful eye of Renzo Gracie Black Belt Ricardo Almeida, owner of Renzo’s only accredited New Jersey training facility in Hamilton, New Jersey.

Bill Scott receives his new Black Belt from Professor Almeida while Maestro Renzo Gracie claps in his celebration.

Bill is a very talented and respected icon in the tri-state mixed martial arts community. He’s competed as a main card on some of the North East’s best events. Bill is the person responsible for making the tri-state amateur wrestling community aware of the sport of mixed martial arts. Wrestlers have migrated to Bill ever since he started in MMA. They know him because he’s been a champion at wrestling for so many years.

A childhood friend, I was one of the first to witness this spectacle. Converting our local wrestling club into our own “Grappler’s Academy” really meant nothing more than showing students some more moves and begging them to hang around to get their asses pounded. We called it fight-wrestling, submit-or-quit, whoop-your-ass; so many names! None of them stuck like Bill Scott did to the sport.

In early days of MMA, Bill brought in the best talent he could find and we learned great stuff; attacks, weapons, bjj, striking. We trained without headgear, and gloves. We respected each other when it came to being a team, but we just pounded away at each other. For us it was such a familiar form of training for us wrestlers, we did it without contemplating whether we wanted to do it. At the end of one of our final team practices, I remember laughing so hard with everyone as we formed a line up against the mats; I was last. I looked down and saw a medley of beat up and injured fighters from all descents; on the verge of calling it quits because of bruises, bumps, torn ligaments, and more. Our original team was made of George “Crusher” Castronova, “CIA” Fred, “Bad-boy” Justin Huddy, Sergio “Silent Killer” Vinegre, and Aug “The Dog” Schumatti.

Our club changed locations several times over the years. The team unwrapped, and reconnected a couple times, continuing to compete at the club level. Bill continued his search for top-notch, talented athletes which lead to him meeting Renzo Gracie Black Belt, Ricardo Almeida. When Bill met Ricardo, he formed a respect for him that to this day has motivated him to train toward excellence. Amassing 30 years in amateur wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Bill kept his childhood training regimen up through his first 40 years of age. He never gave anyone excuses about why he could not train. Like the saying goes, he just did it!

Bill’s hard work and stubborn wrestler intensity finally paid off with his newly acquired Ricardo Almeida/ Renzo Gracie Black Belt. The Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Association rejoiced in cheers for the champion. When asked “How long do you plan on training?” Bill answered “As long as I am alive.” That’s the type of athlete this sport attracts, everyone agreed.

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