Pat Miletich vs. Renzo Gracie II In The IFL This Summer?

The following is an excerpt from a CBS Sportsline interview with Pat Miletich, conducted by Sam Caplan:

Q: You ended a four-year retirement and fought for the IFL against Renzo Gracie this past September. Do you have any plans to fight again?

PM: Yeah, it actually sounds like Renzo and I should be doing a rematch. I got a neck procedure — they're going to do a laser procedure to fix a problem I've had with my neck for quite some time. That's why I took the four-year layoff. Then (I) rehabbed the neck and (I) thought it was good and then re-injured it about, I don't know, about five weeks before the fight and just tried to tough it out. It didn't work out so well; he caught me in a guillotine choke, which isn't real good when you've got a bad neck. But it sounds like we'll do a rematch this summer.

Q: And will that be for the IFL?

PM: Of course.

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