Paul Buentello Temporarily Suspended From AKA

Fight Magazine has the scoop on Buentellos suspension for hiring outside management:

“I’m on suspension. I think Bob [Cook] has most control of it, letting me back in the gym,”
“I’ve always came to this crossroads, if I ever go back to the UFC, I gotta have somebody on board that’s gonna sell me like I’m the best thing since sliced bread,” said Buentello. The native Texan believes that someone is Elis Pacheco of New York-based Dedos Marketing Group, which has worked with Ice-T, Fat Joe and Beyonce Knowles.
“You just get that vibe, you know? That he’s out for your best interest no matter what and he doesn’t care about pushing the limits,” he said. “He’s gonna get the deal done.”
“I’ve been there a long time,” said Buentello. “That’s my home. It sucks, it sucks, it sucks that I can’t go home for a little bit.”
[Dave] Velasquez, an original member of AKA’s fight team alongside Cook and Buentello, has taken over Buentello’s camp.

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