Paul Daley Says He Will Knock Kampmann Out Hard

Pal “Semtex” Daley talks to about his UFC 103 bout with Martin “The Hitman” Kampmann:

His game plan will probably be to take me down and try and submit me. It will be the same game plan no matter which welterweight I fight in the UFC. They will all look to do the same with me. Kampmann will look to clinch at some stage in the fight and then take me down.

Martin has that Viking spirit and I’ve no doubt he’ll want to test himself on his feet. He might want to prove something against me. He’ll either go gung-ho and look to prove a point against one of the best strikers in the world, or he’ll be hesitant and wary of coming in. Either way, he’ll be there standing. Kampmann isn’t the sort of guy who just immediately shoots for a takedown or pulls guard. That’s not his style and that’s fine by me.

I know my footwork is better than his, I know my high kicks are better and more explosive and my overall striking power is on a different level. I also think he will be shocked by my wrestling and my strength in the clinch. I’m going to be on top of him and can dominate him from top position if I choose to go there. I just see him being shocked at most things I do, because I truly believe he’ll underestimate me.

I’m going to knock Martin Kampmann out in very convincing fashion, and it will come after I’ve showcased my ability to stuff takedowns and submission attempts. I will knock him out and knock him out hard. I want that Knockout of the Night award.