Phil Baroni On The Keys To Coming In Mean

The New York Bad Ass Phil Baroni on the keys to coming into a fight lean and mean. Joe Riggs look out:

“I know it to be a fact, man, especially when it comes to taking punches. You take punches better when you abstain from, ah … punching your own loads out … I’m not a scientist. [Not having sex before a fight] makes you fuckin’ mean, I’ll tell you that much. I’m lean and mean right now. It fuckin’ works. You don’t think so, then don’t do it – you’re not a fighter anyway, so who cares? … I more than [make it up to my wife] when I don’t have a fight. My wife could use a break anyway. It was a lot easier when I wasn’t married; you could just bring `em in the room, one after another, line `em up, like when I was in Japan. But I’m married now, so the wife needs a break once in a while.”