Phil Davis Feels He Did Enough To Win

Many, including UFC President Dana White, felt following UFC 163 that Lyoto Machida was robbed against Phil Davis and should have won the decision. Davis, along with the judges of the fight felt that it went Davis’ way and he did enough to earn the win.

Davis spoke with FUEL TV following the fight and talked about his victory:

“I think I definitely did enough (to win),” Davis told Fuel TV after the fight ended. “I trust the judges. I’ve got to trust the judges when I lose, I’ve got to trust the judges when I win, they gave me the wink, they gave me the nod, so I’ve got to say thanks.”

“Here’s the thing—this is his home country, I know it was a close fight, I know that I was in there. I had fists graze my head the whole time. I know,” he explained. “It’s one of those things where you’re so close to the action you have no idea how it looks from the outside. A lot of times I watch fights and then I go home and I’m like man that looks completely different from a first person perspective.

“I was thinking 100 percent, man this is close, please go my way.”

  • Derek Becker

    For once it would be nice if one of these fighters that was on the winning side of a bad decision admitted they lost. #DAVISLOST

  • Jugg Von Frank


  • Bryan Balthasar

    It’d be nice but probably never happen, it goes against the whole “winners mindset”.

  • Richard Monico

    Machida showed up not to lose…Davis pressed the action and deserved the not so pretty win

  • Alan Burch

    it was a weird fight. machida was not aggressive enough and i thought he looked very tired. davis did press the action but his striking looked horrendous. i expected more out of machida, davis has always been a lackluster fighter.

  • Mick Dunne

    Bullshit machida was robbed Davis is one of the most boring fighters around

  • Eli Vasquez

    pfffffffff! whatever!!!

  • Nick Harper

    machida came out strong in the first but in the latter two rounds he was back to his old back pedaling self. props to davis for the improvements he has made. also props to the judges for finally penalizing machida for his very boring style (although the judges also got it right when he fought rampage)

  • Jake Seal

    I kind of agree. But, you TUF bandwagoners need to understand that this thing has been happening for decades in combative sports.

    Phil Davis is NOT a “boring fighter”, either. He’s no Anderson Silva, sure. But, he’s no Jon Fitch, either. He has a reasonable finish rate, and his only loss is to Rashad Evans, in a good enough fight. If everyone fought the same style, it wouldn’t be MMA, and it WOULD be boring.

    With all that said, I do feel that Machida did more to win. But, he did not fight to win. He fought to not get beaten. Which, both, didn’t and did happen. He didn’t get beat up, but he was beaten for the win. I can say, that at least Lyoto knows how it feels to be shafted out of a sure victory, a la Shogun vs Machida 1, where Shogun was blatantly robbed.

    Hopefully, this loss gets Machida back on track. He has been fighting like a timid Jack Russell Terrier against a Rottweiler. He is not anywhere near as forward as he used to be. Everyone knows how to beat Machida now, and he’s doing nothing to change that. He’s not the mysterious fighter with a difficult learning curve to figure out, anymore.

  • ufcpolitics

    The Machida that showed up to fight Davis showed he was not ready for a title shot. Hed get put to sleep again. A blessing.

  • Mark Sheets

    Boring ass fight, Jones will whip both their asses! If Machida will quit trying to be so defensive especially against phil davis who punches like a bitch. A striker needs to keep pounding away at someone like that. he don’t have the power to knock anyone out!