PHOTO: CM Punk Trains With King Mo, Roy Nelson & Rener Gracie At Syndicate MMA

While CM Punk has yet to officially choose his MMA training team, he has been staying busy working out with various well-known names from the MMA community.

Below is a photo from the official Twitter page of Bellator Light Heavyweight contender Muhammed Lawal (King Mo), which features himself, Punk, Roy Nelson and Rener Gracie together at Syndicate MMA.


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  1. muscles have nothing to do with winning in the ufc. technique is what needs to happen now. he will get stronger with all the mat work and striking hes going to be doing.

  2. Muscles plays a part; being in good physical shape. I’m not saying you have to look like the Rock or Batista but it’s somewhat important to have power. You can’t expect to win a fight without being somewhat strong. Obviously mat work, stamina and endurance is important too.

  3. all muscle does is eat up O2.
    he needs strength and technique.
    no need to gorilla press anyone in the octagon.

  4. Hey hockey boy, (assuming you even play hockey) why did you write this:

    “Lets be honest, WWE itself is sort of like a reality show these days. The same could be said about movies. I don’t know how anyone could watch those awful Transformers movies but it won’t turn me off to film in general.”

    and then this:

    “It’s scripted entertainment, much like any other TV show. I personally don’t get all the hate. You don’t like it, don’t watch. There’s much more on TV to enjoy.”
    all to the same guy under two different usernames within a half our of each other? You unhinged sick weirdo. Are your two personalities clashing? Do you need to up the dosage of meds?


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