PHOTOS: CM Punk And His Wife AJ Lee, Shaquille O’Neal & Others At UFC 182

CM Punk, who took part in a UFC Fight Club Q&A and appeared on the official UFC 182 pre-show on FOX Sports 1 this past Saturday night, was also in attendance during the event with his wife, WWE Diva AJ Lee.

Below is a photo of the happy couple sitting together during the show.

As noted, Punk officially begins his MMA training with Roufus Sport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin today (Monday, January 5th.)

Also from this past weekend, courtesy of Women’s MMA fighter Paige Vanzant’s Twitter page, on page two is a photo of Punk and his wife out to dinner with Urijah Faber, T.J. Dillashaw and other notable names in Las Vegas.


  1. What p*ssed me off was when Cormier got taken down the first time, in round 4, you can see Punk in the background shouting ‘Get up!’ with an angry look as though he’s a coach. Props to Jones though!

  2. AJ Lee probably wants WWE to get p*ssed off. I’m getting the feeling she wants out of the WWE and is doing certain things to get heat on herself.

  3. Cheering someone on and pushing them to keep fighting = coaching? Meh, I think he was just being a fan. If I were as close to the octagon as Punk was, I’d be shouting the same thing.

    Now, if Punk were saying things like “Keep your fists up!” or telling him what to do during the fight, then I’d agree with ya.

  4. we miss punk at wwe when or is he ever coming back ? oh yeah they do make a great looking couple i love aj when she wrestles she is so quick putting her submission moves on the other divas she stays so cool


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