Photo: UFC Unveils CM Punk’s Official Reebok Fighter Jersey

On Tuesday, UFC officially unveiled their Reebok UFC Fight Kit. You can check out the video of the unveiling above.

Additionally, UFC released photos of official Reebok fighter jerseys. Pictured below is CM Punk’s official Reebok fighter jersey.

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Jose Aldo is officially OUT of UFC 189. Full details by clicking here


  1. What a ego on that guy. He was best for business in his hay day…now, not so much. $$$$ comes first.

  2. That would be wasn’t the characters on the bar was the bar itself. I remember being like 6 eating them.

  3. pretty big noise from a lot of fighters talking about how reebok fudged this putting the wrong names.
    Tom Lawlor went in on them. “Philip” makes a lot more sense now


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