Pre-UFC 72 Interviews With Forrest Griffin & Ed Herman

Anders Dahl sent along the following:

I wanted to share with you two exclusive UFC 72 interviews that BuddyTV did with Forrest Griffin and Ed Herman that were just published on our site. Here’s the links to the interviews followed by a short excerpt:

So are you excited for your upcoming fight against Hector Ramirez?

Yeah. I’m trying to get in touch with him, see if maybe we can just meet. I think he’s at LA. Maybe we could just meet a halfway between Vegas and LA. Maybe fight on the I-15 instead of going to freaking Ireland. Bring a video camera.

How do you feel about UFC 72 taking place in Ireland? Are you excited to make the flight out there?

I’m excited as hell to fight in Ireland in front of my Irish fans, there’s definitely some Irish in me, so I’m pumped to be out there in Northern Ireland to represent Irish fans. I am pretty pissed off though that I am on the under card, you know you got MacDonald, Singer, Griffin, Clay Guida and they’re all above me and they’re all coming off losses, I’m coming off a win. I don’t understand why on the under card. I know I can make this fight exciting so this is gonna be the last time I’m gonna be on the under card cause I’m gonna prove to the UFC and everybody else that they’ve made a mistake of putting me on the under card. I’m pretty upset about it.

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