Pre-UFC 87 “Seek And Destroy” Interview With Brock Lesnar


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Brock Lesnar Interview Highlights

The following is part of an interview from Heading into your UFC fight against Frank Mir last February, there was a lot of anticipation by fans in regards to how you would do in your MMA debut. Even though you lost the fight, were you happy with your performance?

Brock Lesnar: “When you lose a fight, it is difficult to be happy with your performance. There were some things I did right and some things I did wrong. I felt like I rushed the fight a little bit from the start. I made a mistake and put myself in a dangerous position, and Frank was able to capitalize on it. Still, I was happy that at least the fight was exciting and I think the fans enjoyed it.” In hindsight, is there anything that you would have done differently in training and preparation for facing Mir now that you know what you do?

Brock Lesnar: “No. I had a great training camp and we did all the right things. Looking back, there really isn’t anything I would have done differently prior to the fight.” Why did you decide to make the transition from professional wrestling to MMA? Obviously, there are factors like traveling and money at stake, but were there other reasons for making the career transition?

Brock Lesnar: “I’m a really competitive person. Professional wrestling is competitive in many ways, but I missed being involved in real athletic competition. All things being equal, I would have gone right from amateur wrestling to MMA. Back in 2000-2001, however, that wasn’t really a viable option compared to professional wrestling. After a few years of professional wrestling, I needed to get back into something competitive.” There has been a lot of talk that some power brokers in WWE are interested in getting into the MMA business. If Vince McMahon was to invest money in the MMA scene and promote events, do you think he could successful at it? Would people take it seriously?

Brock Lesnar: “No Comment.”

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