Press Release: Flyweights Take Center Stage At PFC VII

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Flyweights take center stage at PFC VII

LEMOORE, Ca. — Luis Gonzalez made Palace Fighting Championship history in October.

The Hanford mixed martial artist was the first fighter to win at the flyweight division and has since sparked a nation wide search for some of the top 125-pound fighters.

“I’m really excited about the flyweight division. Obviously it’s no secret, I’m also a boxing promoter, and there’s a lot of exciting fights to be made in the 125 pound division,” PFC President Christian Printup said. “We are committed to giving guys in the U.S. the opportunity to fight at 125, as opposed to being forced to fight at a higher weight than they are best suited for. I’m really excited about the guys we’re signing. Expect fireworks.”

On Thursday, March 20th Printup has signed two flyweight fights for PFC 7 at the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino in Lemoore.

Gonzalez (1-0) will be back in action taking on Georgia’s David Mitchell (1-0) and Las Vegas’ Ulysses Gomez (0-0) clashes with Cambria’s Greg McDowell (0-0).

It’s been a conscious effort by Printup and his staff to provide some of the best lower weight fights possible.

“I can’t say we focus so much on the lower weight classes, but I just see enormous potential for great fights at lower weight classes. The guys at 155 and below fight at such a tremendous pace,” Printup said. “At the end of the day I hope we accomplish two things with the PFC. First, deliver great fights to the fans that do the sport justice.

Second, give guys in all weight classes the opportunity to compete in a well respected show with great production values and much deserved media attention, compensation and exposure.”

And the flyweight buzz has been building, especially after Printup introduced Gomez at PFC 6.

Gomez might be one of the more highly decorated athletes to ever enter the PFC ring. He is a 3-time Grapplers Quest champion and a World Pankration champion. He has trained under Marc Laimon at Kobra Kai since 2001.

“I’m a decent grappler with some decent boxing thanks to Brain Clements,” Gomez said. “I think its great that the PFC has a 125-pound division. It’s an excellent opportunity for us smaller guys to show off our skills. Once everyone sees what kind of fights we put on, they will be blown away.”

Gomez ground game will be challenged by the standup, brawling style of McDowell.

“Ulysses Gomez is a well decorated pankration and sport jiu-jitsu player and he’s making his pro debut as is Greg McDowell,” Printup said. “It’s a fight anything can happen, and McDowell is a scrappy heavy handed guy with bad intentions on his agenda. This is going to be a great fight.”

McDowell began boxing at 13 and has started training in MMA.

“I’m going to give the fans exactly what they want. If Gomez can take my standup butt whipping I offer him, that’s what to expect from the start,” McDowell said. “Knowing how good he is at only taking down his opponents, I’m ready for it. Expect a 125-pound war. I know I’m training for one.”

Gomez doesn’t know much about McDowell, but is expecting a good fight.

“I don’t know much about McDowell, just that he’s scrappy. Either way, I’m going to have to impose my will on him and not the other way around,” Gomez said. “Fans can expect me to put on a show, but at the same time the fans will learn and see a few new things.”

Fans learned something about Gonzalez in October — that he isn’t just a world-class jiu-jitsu player. He defeated Josh Beasnette by technical knockout in just 43 seconds of round one.

“Luis Gonzales was viewed as more of a sport jiu-jitsu guy, you know black belt, done great at the Mundials, but in his pro debut against Josh Beasnette he came out like a little buzz saw,” Printup said. “Bubby Mitchell, though, is a well versed freestyle fighter. He trains with Cole and Micah Miller and he is a very game guy. The winner of this fight is poised to compete for the PFC belt down the road.”

Gonzalez has continued to sharpen his standup skills and is excited about the growth of the flyweight division.

“My coaches tell me that I’m improving in my standup and progressing little by little,” Gonzalez said. “I’m really excited that there are two flyweight fights on this card. It’s nice the things that Christian is doing for this weight class.”

Mitchell might be the most well rounded of the four fighters. He started wrestling at just 5-years-old and has been training MMA for six years.

“I’m so stoked about the 125-pound division and also the PFC as well. You put those two together and dynamite. Finally, an opportunity on this side of the world for the lighter weights. People will see, it makes an exciting fight and hopefully we will be here to stay. I will forever be loyal to the PFC due to this,” Mitchell said.

“I’m very excited to come to California and fight for the PFC. It will give me a chance to see where I’m at in the 125-pound level in the U.S./World and fight for a great organization. I left the 125-pound division as an amateur ranked ISCF No. 2 in the U.S. and recently returned as a pro to solidify a win against a Miletich 125 pounder. The U.S. needs more events such as the PFC. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about the PFC.”

Gonzalez admits he still has some homework to do on Mitchell.

“I don’t know too much about him,” Gonzalez said. “I k now he is a great wrestler, but I still need to do some more homework on him. Right now I’ve just been training hard and preparing myself.”

Mitchell knows what to expect from Gonzalez, though.

“I know he is a black belt and I know he was a runner up at the Mundials. That’s about it. I watched his debut fight and give him props for entering the MMA game. I make up with my lack of a black belt with my experience in MMA in general and vise versa to him. Wrestling and conditioning will be key in this fight,” Mitchell said.
“Fans can generally expect pace pushing and non stop moving on my part. I don’t sit still long, in and out of the ring. I don’t think many 125 pounders do. I like to throw my hands on the feet or on the ground. I’m a wrestler by nature so I mix the two quite a bit.”

PFC 7’s two flyweight fights are just the tip of the iceberg of the flyweight division in the PFC.

“I foresee the PFC’s flyweight division eventually featuring the absolute best talent possible in the world from top to bottom and I’m confident we’re off to a great start,” Printup said.

Also fighting at PFC 7, Sacramento PFC World Light Heavyweight Champion Jeromy Freitag takes on Fresno’s Anthony Rubalcalva (4-1), Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran Justin Levens (9-8) of Newport Beach battles Merced’s Phil Collins (5-3) in a middleweight eliminator and Visalia lightweight Darren Crisp (4-2) takes on Danny Castillo (2-0).

Tickets go on sale Feb. 16th and can be purchased at or charge by phone 1-800-225-2277.

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