Press Release: Matt Serra Seminar A Big Success


Matt “The Terror” Serra and Pete “Drago” Sell Host Fabulous MMA Seminar at the Premier Renzo Gracie Pa Academy/Hatfield Martial Arts Training Facility in Hatfield, PA.

HATFIELD, PA – Coordinated by Karen Latta, the seminar produced a crowd well near 100 students. The Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Association (AMMAA) was on the scene to see these two UFC and TUF stars show students the moves they used to reach the top of the MMA field.

Matt and Pete's technical skills were displayed, and participants learned a great deal as well as got to meet the 2 star celebrities. Head Instructor Rich Latta, the club’s owner, and Renzo Gracie brown belt, shared some safety information with AMMAA for people getting into mixed martial arts. “First thing is all students must take 120 hours of instructional-only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/grappling class. There are no exceptions. Only straight joint locks are practiced until students can become familiar with the basics. These classes are only offered in a traditional gi uniform. After 120 hours of class, students should know the basics of grappling and can move onto beginner/intermediate level classes, and if elected, advanced training. Rich offers “no-gi” classes to his students only after they have completed the beginner classes of 120 hours. He also mentioned those who want to train in MMA, but have never done it, should focus primarily on the their ground game being most important as well as some good basic Striking, Takedowns, and clinching skill along with excerise, and strength conditioning before getting getting into the ring for the first time.

The words were welcome comments to Augie Schumatti, the founder of the AMMAA, an organization dedicated to the growth of MMA through creating promotional awareness campaigns to the masses. Since its inception, they have promoted the benefits of mixed martial arts, and helped participants realize better lives through training. The AMMAA also publicizes effective and unique training information steered toward helping students stay injury-free.

After the seminar, to everyone's delight, people lined up and took photographs and autographs with Matt and Pete. It was a joyous event for the AMMAA to meet these rising stars. When someone yelled out, Drago, “How long do you plan on training? Pete yelled back, “As long as I am breathing!” That's the type of athlete this sport attracts, everyone agreed.

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