Press Release On GymSoap With Seth Petruzelli

Press Release:

Germphobics, fear no more!

There’s a new super soap in town, and it’s coming to a fitness center near you.

GymSoap, the cutting edge germ-buster, specially designed to do away with the nastiness that plagues places where we work out, has hit the market and is pumping out squeaky-clean results with every squirt.

It’s the answer to the alarming news we’ve seen in long form stories on germs in gyms aired on The Today Show and CNN.

A revolutionary new product, GymSoap is aimed at combating harmful bacteria, germs and fungus found all over training partners, fitness machines, health club floors and yoga mats.

It’s the brainchild of an active couple, which had a not-so-hygienic brush with the germ-plagued reality of their gym. After coming down with ringworm and athlete’s foot, they made it their mission to make a clean, mean, pro-hygiene machine.

And here’s how GymSoap is different from regular or even anti-bacterial soap:

Unlike other soaps, which fight bacteria on one level, GymSoap is antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal.
GymSoap uses the solvent properties of tea tree oil, which works gently into the skin without leaving an overly dry or crackly feel but a soft, ultra clean finish.
While most antibacterial soap is made exclusively for our hands, GymSoap can be used as an all-purpose, everyday bath soap, gentle enough for our face.
GymSoap’s already been tested by the pros. Seth Petruzelli, an Ultimate Fighting Champion and Orlando, FL gym owner uses GymSoap in his club.

“As a gym owner, it comes down to me losing money if my mats are not clean,” said Petruzelli.

“They had an outbreak of Staph infection during the Fourth Ultimate Fighter-Season. People were worried about catching diseases from my gym. I had to make them feel comfortable before they’d start rolling around on my mats. Lucky for me, GymSoap became available. My fighters love it, and more importantly, no one’s gotten any infections. Now I even use it in the shower and love having it handy after training on mats in other gyms.”

Ultimate fighters aren’t the only ones who can benefit from GymSoap. Now, you can too, with just a click of a mouse… By the way have you cleaned your keyboard lately? GymSoap will handle that too.

For questions email GymSoap at [email protected]