Press Release: Ring Of Combat's “Miss MMA '07 Search”

Press Release:


Miss MMATM and the “Ring of Combat” Mixed Martial Arts Tournament Pack the Tropicana Showroom in Atlantic City, NJ

Three of the East Coast’s Hottest Female MMA Fans
Advance to Compete for Miss MMA 2007

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — November 17, 2006 – Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat played host to the Miss MMA 2007 Contestant Search at the Tropicana Showroom in Atlantic City, NJ. The event was a huge success for Lou Neglia, the incredible fighters, The Tropicana, MHP Supplements, tvMOTION Video Billboards, and of course Miss MMA.

All eyes were on the Miss MMA Contestants as they promoted sponsors, displayed round cards and competed for audience votes during the MMA fight event. Big names in the MMA community such as the UFC’s Matt “The Terror” Serra, Tiger Schulmann, Laura D'Auguste, Pete “Drago” Sell, Larry Hazzard, were all in attendance and all took part in, and watched the Miss MMA event.

Winner’s Lisa Hart, Alecia Tarry and Shana Martino will advance to the next Miss MMA Event held in early 2007. Woman MMA fighter and purple belt, Sheri Hockman, Kendra Amos, and Kelly Wells also participated and enjoyed the night of fights, fun and MMA lifestyle.

The Miss MMA Contestant Search represents all women who enjoy the sport and lifestyle of Mixed Martial Arts. Augie Schumatti and Doug Commette of Digital Intent, Inc., created the Miss MMA brand to recognize the many beautiful and spirited women who surround and participate in the MMA sport. “Our primary objective is to draw positive attention to, and grow the overall awareness and acceptance of both men’s and women’s Mixed Martial Arts,” claims Schumatti, a former Division 1 Collegiate Wrestler for Arizona State University.

On the “Ring of Combat” fight side of the night, two (2) preliminary matches and 12 official tournament matches were held for the evening. All in attendance were treated to a night of unbridled and action-packed fight action as some of the most talented, exciting and undiscovered MMA fighters from all over U.S., as well as South America and Europe stepped into the ROC ring to take their shot at advancing in their division and as well as their share of over $100,000.

Some highlights of the evening included Rich Boine's (Team Tiger Schulmann) devastating left hook TKO against Kevin Roddy (Rhino Fight Team) in their third and tie-breaking round; Jason House's (Team Janjira) barrage of head shots resulting in a second round TKO against Johnny Carson (The Hit Academy), fan favorite Phillipe Nover's (Insight) comeback majority decision winner against Spaniard Abner Lloveras (Esport Rogent & BBT) and Ian Loveland's (Team Quest) overall dominating performance, resulting in a guillotine choke submission against Will Kerr (Strikezone) in round 1 of their bout. Full details are available at:

Every woman can participate in the Miss MMA Model Search – Whether you are a fighter, coach, wife, parent, ring girl, or fan, Miss MMA brings us all together to enjoy the deeper lifestyle benefits of the sport.Through Miss MMA, the entire Mixed Martial Arts Community attracts a greater audience and draws a wider attention toward the wonderful world of both men’s and women’s Mixed Martial Arts.