Pro Elite Acquires Hawaii-Based ICON Sport Promotion

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Gary Shaw, president of the live events division of EliteXC, announced on Thursday that ProElite, Inc. has finalized its acquisition of Hawaiian mixed martial arts promotion Icon Sport.

EliteXC is the live events division of ProElite, Inc., which broadcasts MMA events on Showtime Networks.

“We came and invested in and bought Rumble World,” said Shaw at a press conference on Thursday. “Today we're proud to announce that within the last hour, we just completed our deal and we bought Icon. So, we own the islands.”

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  • This means Pro Elite now owns Rumble on the Rock (Hawaii), ICON Sport (Hawaii), Cage Rage (UK) and King of the Cage (mostly U.S.). Damn Gary Shaw, look at you making moves like a chess-player. – New Hiphop News Site :: Tons of Industry News & Rumors (>>)