Professional MMA Legalized In New York, UFC Show Expected At MSG

It finally happened.

The New York State Assembly vote came down in favor of legalizing amateur and professional mixed martial arts in the state of New York.

The final vote needed to officially legalize the sport came out 113-25 in favor.

With each vote, the representative gave a speech explaining why they were voting in the affirmative or the negative. In many cases, the speech was largely negative towards MMA, while ultimately still voting in the affirmative.

As noted in the past, UFC has put in an official request to hold an event at Madison Square Garden in New York in November. With the sport now officially legalized in New York, it’s expected that UFC will make its’ debut in New York with a show at MSG before the 2016 calendar year is out.

UFC posted the following tweet as soon as the bill passed to legalize MMA in New York.