Randleman Caught Faking Urine Test At PRIDE 32?

The following is from WrestlingObserver.com:

Fraudulent drug test likely to lead to suspension
by Dave Meltzer

[email protected]

The Nevada State Athletic Commission will be filing a complaint against MMA star and sometimes pro wrestler Kevin Randleman regarding what is alleged to be a fake urine sample he provided in his 10/21 drug test.

Keith Kizer of the Nevada State Athletic Commission got the doctor's report earlier today that the urine sample contained no hormones, and therefore, it is believed to not be either his urine or the urine of a living human being.

Pride has already been contacted and Randleman either has, or will be imminently, on the charge of faking the test, which would be expected to carry similar penalties as a drug test positive.

Randleman is the third of the ten fighters who either came up dirty or had problems in the testing from the Pride show. Ironically, like Vitor Belfort and Pawel Nastula, Randleman also lost his fight on that show, by submission, to Mauricio Shogun Rua.