Rashad Evans Interested In Jumping To WWE

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans is reportedly interested in a future with WWE. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Evans recently inquired about a possible job with the company.

Evans is currently recovering from major knee surgery and has talked about retiring even before the surgery.

Rashad’s name has been mentioned for a number of years as one of the fighters interested in a post-MMA career with WWE.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Undertaker316
  • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

    Yes, yes, Rashad Evans, jump to WWE since pro wrestling is where all the broken down MMA dogs go after they realize their UFC career is done for. Give me a break. Bout the only MMA fighter I’d want to see in WWE is Chael Sonnen, and that’s only because he cut pro wrestling (CM Punk Pipe Bomb) style promos in his interviews and hype vids.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    Interesting. I have a feeling his mic work would suck.

    • brad

      If it does then they can always write his promos like they do for 90% of the roster.

      • Hershey Maxwell Barber

        Still, there is a difference even between someone who can say their lines in a convincing way and those who can’t. I see him on the short end.

  • raven

    he has the personality but he is a smaller dude @ 5′ 11″. being a mma champ he would be built as a bad ass and it would be odd. I also don’t think he has the athletic ability he had 5years ago..

  • Madman421

    If its coming from meltzer its probably a big crock of feces. That guy hears what he wants to hear and makes up some ridiculous stories

  • HorribleIdea

    Nobody wants Rashad Evans in WWE. Not a single person.

  • brad

    I’m down Rashad has always been one of my favorite fighters to ever grace the octagon.

  • Patrick

    We need a new R-truth!

  • DDP


    • Tom Wing

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    • Israel Collazo Jr.

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  • Tromaboy2002

    The last thing they need is to pay a guy like this way more money than he’s worth in hopes his name will bring viewers. They need to focus on the young talent, build them up, push them, and start cutting loose the old talent that is horribly overpaid.

  • esnips

    If he did go to wwe they’ll just group him with r-truth or titus o’neal or some other black guy. Like they always do.