Recap: 'Mayhem' Miller Seminar/Signing In Canada

Christina Sears Reporting:

Jason “Mayhem” Miller made his debut in Canada but it wasn’t in the octagon. Miller did a seminar at Kombat Arts Training Academy in Mississauga Ontario. Then made an appearance at Fight Planet Canada’s premier grappling/MMA Pro Shop.

Mayhem made quite an entrance into Fight Planet wearing a black and white fur coat asking everyone what was up as he made his way to the signing table. At first people were quite hesitant to go up and talk to him and get his autograph. But after a bit Mayhem broke the ice and people went up one by one. And one by one they got some kind of crazy story that would randomly pop up in Mayhem’s head.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller is one of those fighters that brings a character with him, people watch him not only for his ring abilities but because they want to see what he’s going to do next. Anyone who has goggled his name or searched him on YouTube can tell you he’s just crazy. Miller doesn’t drink, his personality is out of control on a 24-hour basis, and it’s no act it’s who he is.

Drug testing was one of the topics of discussion at the meet and greet. The California State Athletic Commissions is known to be one of the shadiest commissions when it comes to drug testing. “If you’re a dick to the commission they hate you” Miller said during the conversation. Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca are two fighters that have had issues with the California State Athletic Commission one that Sherk fought tooth and nail to prove his innocence.

Miller says the Vegas commission is “cool” with him even though they might be “dicks” to other people and compares them to the California commission who before his fight with, Lodune Sincade, ordered him to “piss in this cup.” Mayhem couldn’t believe they were hassling him for a drug test but went along with it anyways. In the end it turned out that Sincade tested positive for marijuana use and was fined.

The TV in Fight Planet was playing a UFC show, Mayhem makes a comment about how the host of the show “scored that job” and someone in the crowd had said “she probably sucked her way to the top” which brought us to our next topic of Dana White.

Mayhem explains that he would “bang” Dana White and says “maybe I will get a good deal in the UFC for once.” Then a fan blurted out “make more money then Chuck Liddell” and Mayhem replied with a sarcastic laugh “yeah right Chuck and Dana are like best friends.”

Miller then openly talks about cutting weight and how he only cut to 170 pounds twice. Mayhem naturally walks around at over 200 pounds and fights normally at 185. He says he feels “weak as hell at 170.”

Mayhem explains how at 170 he’s amped but tired, and his fights at 185 he’s raring to go. In his fight with Georges St. Pierre he felt weak from cutting the weight to 170. The UFC told miller to make 170 again right after his fight with St. Pierre after being beat up, so Mayhem immediately asked “for how much” and they offered him the same amount of money for the St.Pierre fight and he turned it down saying that two weeks to cut that kind of weight would kill him and he wasn’t going to do it unless “he got paid.”

But Mayhem was serious for a second, talking about being famous and he says he’s a “Z” level celebrity. He says that he didn’t really want to be famous that bad, he just likes meeting people and giving hugs and what not. Miller says being famous doesn’t get you anything it only gets you “recognized at Walmart.

He talked about how realistically he can only do this for so long, he says he has to make as much money as he can right now because he’s ” pretty much useless in every other capacity other then beating people up.”


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