Report: Brock Lesnar In Real Fight With Chris Jericho Backstage At WWE SummerSlam

As we reported late Sunday evening, Brock Lesnar made his WWE in-ring return at the SummerSlam pay-per-view on Sunday night and his match was stopped prematurely due to a massive elbow that opened up a bad cut on his opponent, Randy Orton. It was announced that Lesnar was the winner via TKO.

In an update, reporter Dave Meltzer noted during his show, Wrestling Observer Radio, that the elbows and opening a cut on Orton was actually part of WWE’s plans for the match, as crazy as it might seem.

The real story, however, was one particular wrestlers’ reaction to the end of the match.

Meltzer is also reporting that popular WWE Superstar Chris Jericho was unaware of WWE’s plans for the finish of the match, and as a result, got irate thinking he went off script and hurt a fellow performer to such a degree because of recklessness.

At this point, things escalated until the situation got physical. Lesnar and Jericho ended up in a real fight that had to be broken up by Vince McMahon, Triple H and others. For the full story with a lot of specific details on how exactly the fight started, who started it and how bad it got, read the following article at our pro wrestling affiliate site, Report: Brock Lesnar & Chris Jericho In Backstage Fight At SummerSlam