Results – Ultimate Fighter 4 – Episode 12

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Episode 12 – Dewees vs. Cote
Air date: 11/2/2006

Fighters recap the semi-final match between Travis Lutter and Pete Sell. Din Thomas says Travis has the ability to lure people right into his game and that’s exactly what happened with Pete. Pete has great Jiu Jitsu but Travis is far better. Matt Serra is proud of Pete for lasting three rounds and not getting submitted. Georges St. Pierre thinks Travis Lutter is the most dangerous middleweight right now because of his ability to dominate everyone on the ground. Whoever wins the next fight; Edwin DeWees vs. Patrick Cote, will face Travis in the finals.

Everyone in the house comments on what a pig Charles McCarthy has become since losing his fight. It appears that he has been eating non-stop since then, and he’s eating everyone else’s food. Chris Lytle thinks that even Charles’ own team is sick of hanging out with him. Later that evening, Gideon Ray, Pete Spratt and Rich Clementi set up a prank in their bedroom. They set a bowl of water on top of the door so that anyone walking into the bedroom will get doused. One by one the rest of the guys in the house are lured into the bedroom and become victims of the prank. Then Edwin decides to place a stack of pizza boxes next to a sleeping Charles who wakes up and starts chasing Edwin down the hall. Edwin carefully slips through the bedroom door, but Charles falls right into the trap and gets a bucketful of water on his head. Unlike everyone else, he fails to see the humor in the whole situation while the rest of the house cracks up.

Edwin heads to the gym to prepare for his fight. Out of respect for Patrick, Edwin has decided to train with Team No Love. During training, cut from Edwin’s preliminary fight starts to bleed but he’s not too concerned about it. He doesn’t think it will change his game at all and is expecting Patrick to go after it. And if it does reopen, he’ll continue fighting the way he did the first time. He thinks his fight with Patrick will be similar to his previous fight with Gideon Ray. Patrick will want to keep the fight standing. Edwin plans to take Patrick to the ground and finish the fight as quickly as possible.

Now it’s Patrick’s session at the gym. Georges St. Pierre, who is Patrick’s training partner in Canada, believes Patrick will lose if he fights Edwin the same way he fought Jorge. Although Patrick won that fight, he didn’t fight the way he was supposed to. GSP thinks Patrick should keep the fight standing and if it does go to the ground, to watch for the guillotine choke because that is what Edwin is best at. Patrick says his strategy is simple. He wants to keep the fight standing and knock Edwin out. He thinks Edwin is going to try and take him down but he’s been training with Edwin since day one so he’s prepared for his takedowns. Patrick says, “It’s fifteen minutes of business” while they fight, and afterwards they’ll go right back to being friends.

Back at the house, Mikey Burnett gets a call from the UFC doctor. It seems he has been having problems with his neck and the diagnosis is not good. Mikey will need to have surgery which will put him out for 6 to 12 weeks and another 6 to 12 months of rehab before he can fight again. Even if he gets a second opinion, the UFC doctor will not clear him to fight unless he has the surgery. Mikey ends the phone call undecided as to what he will do.

At the weigh-in, Dana says he thinks Patrick will win this fight by a knockout. He says Edwin is young and tough but Patrick will be too strong for him. Mark DellaGrotte thinks Edwin has his work cut out for him. He says Patrick is fierce and hungry which is why he is called “the Predator.” Patrick notices that Edwin doesn’t make eye contact with him during the weigh-in. Patrick says it’s okay, it’s just business. Even thought they’re friends, right now they’re after the same goal.

It’s fight day and the fighters are getting prepped. Patrick is feeling confident about this match-up and says he will be the first Canadian in the finals. He’s in it to win, so he’ll absolutely be targeting Edwin’s cut. Edwin says beating Patrick is only halfway to his goal to be world champion. He wants to finish the fight early and go home still looking pretty for his wife.

Round one begins. They circle and throw kicks and punches that don’t connect and then they clinch. Edwin gets Patrick up against the cage but Patrick manages to knee Edwin. Edwin brings Patrick down on top of himself. From there, Patrick throws punches that Edwin tries to block unsuccessfully. Edwin throws some punches back and then Cote gets up. They stand and attempt to connect with punches and kicks. Edwin tries a takedown but fails. While standing, they throw more punches and kicks that do not connect. After they clinch and break, both throw high kicks but neither make contact. They clinch again and Edwin brings Patrick down on top of himself a second time. Patrick takes advantage of this and starts punching Edwin in the face and head along with a couple of elbows. They manage to get back on their feet as the round ends.

Round two begins with both fighters circling. They trade punches and kicks and then Patrick throws a solid kick to Edwin’s body. Edwin responds with a kick to Patrick’s leg. Edwin throws another kick but Patrick catches his leg and Edwin goes down. Edwin throws a couple of good punches before Patrick stands. They circle again exchanging more punches and kicks. Patrick gets in several good shots then Edwin slips and goes down. Patrick starts raining down punches including several shots to Edwin’s side. He also gets him with a couple of elbows to the face and punches aimed directly at Edwin’s cut. It begins to bleed and more punches follow. Patrick backs off just as the round comes to an end.

They start out round three throwing punches and kicks. Edwin goes for a takedown but yet once again brings Patrick down on top of himself. From there, Edwin throws punches from his back but Patrick manages to get in a few elbows. Patrick continues to aim his punches at Edwin’s cut. Edwin is not able to get out from under Patrick so he continues to throw punches from the bottom. The round ends with Patrick controlling Edwin from the top.

The judges deliver the scorecards and Patrick Cote wins by a unanimous decision.

As Edwin and Patrick recap their fight, it’s clear there are no hard feelings about Patrick going for Edwin’s cut. Edwin is disappointed that he didn’t give a better performance while Patrick is excited about moving on to the finals. Georges St. Pierre is excited because there is finally a Canadian in the finals. The finals are now set: Patrick Cote will be facing Travis Lutter in the middleweight finale. And Matt Serra will face Chris Lytle in the welterweight finale.

The other fighters handicap the upcoming finals. Chris Lytle thinks the fight between Travis and Patrick will be a contrast in styles and thinks that Patrick needs to work on his takedown defense. Pete Sell thinks Patrick will win because he’s too explosive for Travis. He thinks Travis will gas in the first round and get knocked out. Edwin DeWees thinks Chris Lytle will win the welterweight bout. Although Matt Serra is an expert at Jiu Jitsu, Chris is skilled in avoiding the takedowns. Din Thomas thinks Chris is the best welterweight in the house and is sure to win. Pete Sell of course, thinks his buddy and training partner, Matt Serra, has got the win.

Dana explains that not only do the finalists have 200 grand on the line but also a shot at the title at stake. Patrick says that the money and exposure is good but what he really wants is to be the best, and a champion. Travis thinks a title shot would be great and that ultimately he’ll walk out with the belt.

Whoever wins the welterweight final will be fighting either Matt Hughes or Georges St. Pierre, whoever holds the belt at the time. Chris Lytle says whomever it is better take him seriously because he’s coming after them. Matt Serra says he plans on taking out Chris Lytle then Matt Hughes and bringing the belt back to Long Island, NY.

Dana says that some of the other fighters still have a chance to fight at the season finale and can turn things around if they do well there.

Edwin doesn’t think the UFC has seen the last of him. Mikey has decided to go ahead and get his neck fixed and whether he returns to fighting will depend on his recovery. Din says this experience has been a roller coaster with the biggest highs and lows. Shonie Carter says this experience has given him a more intense philosophy on training that he will take back home to his training partners. Rich Clementi says he learned a lot despite having been the first fighter to lose. Charles McCarthy, of course, says he would never do this again. Pete Sell says he’ll walk away from this a better fighter and everyone better watch out because he’s a force to be reckoned with in the UFC. Georges St. Pierre thinks that out of all the people who participated on the show, he did the most growing and learned the most from this experience. He says he learned something from everyone. He says can’t wait to fight Matt Hughes, especially that he’s a much better fighter now. The four finalists will now head home and train for the biggest fight of their careers.