Results – Ultimate Fighter 4 – Episode 5

The following is from, the official website of “The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback”:

Episode 5 – Flip-A-Coin
Air date: 9/14/2006

The episode starts off with fighters from both teams analyzing the Travis Lutter/Scott Smith fight. Immediately after the fight some of the coaches speculate on why Team Mojo put Scott Smith up against Lutter. George St. Pierre comments that it wasn’t a good fight selection for Smith, but it was an excellent match up for Team Mojo. Even Dana White chimes in saying that Smith vs. Lutter wasn’t a good match up for Smith and that Pete Sell would’ve been a better fight. Matt Serra and Pete Sell try to console Smith in the dressing room, justifying their fight selection, but Rich Clementi feels Serra pressured Smith to fight Lutter so his protg Sell wouldn’t have to. Even Shonie Carter, a member of Team Mojo, felt that Scott was thrown to the wolves to further Serra’s game plan of getting Pete Sell and himself to the finals. Dana then sets the stage for the next welterweight fight. Team No Love finally has control and can pick Din Thomas or Matt Serra to fight Mikey Burnett or the replacement for Jeremy Jackson, which will be either Pete Spratt or Rich Clementi. At the next Team No Love training session, Rich Clementi talks about the possibility of getting back into the competition again and for him he doesn’t care who he has to fight, but he feels he matches up well with Matt Serra. At Team Mojo’s training session, Matt Serra feels that he’s up next to fight and he’s looking to get the ball back in their court. He talks with trainer Mark DelaGrotte about who he thinks Team No Love will throw at him and he’s pretty convinced it’s going to be Rich Clementi. In the van ride back to the house Matt tells Din that he’d like to fight on Friday. Din says that it doesn’t matter to him and besides Rich Clementi told him that he wants to fight Matt anyway. Matt is surprised that Din is just now revealing this to him. Matt then says that Rich is the cockiest on Team No Love and if he has to work someone over it might as well be him. Back at the Ultimate Fighter House, Shonie starts collecting all of the empty water bottles around the house and throws them into the pool. He says he’s going to make a “floatie” or raft out of them once he has enough bottles to string them together. This project doesn’t go over too well with Team No Love. Charles McCarthy complains that Shonie’s being selfish, mean spirited, and rude. Jorge Rivera says that Shonie’s a clown and although his antics in the beginning were entertaining now they’re just downright annoying.

The next morning at the Ultimate Fighter House, Rich is in the pool that is filled with water bottles and he’s throwing them back out of the pool. Rich says if he’s going to swim he doesn’t want to look like some white trash person in the pool with a bunch of water bottles floating around him. Jorge then compares Shonie to his ten-year-old son who doesn’t crave as much attention as Shonie does. Shonie responds in a way that only Shonie can by saying that it isn’t a community pool, because if it were, it would have some titties in it. All of the fighters are then called to the Ultimate Training Center for a meeting. Randy Couture heads up the meeting informing Team No Love that it has 24 hours to come up with a replacement for Jeremy Jackson. After the meeting Team No Love stays behind and decides to flip a coin to choose who will replace Jeremy. Rich loses the coin flip to Pete Spratt and is bummed out that he’s not going to get a second chance. He also feels that the new opportunity is being wasted on Pete Spratt, because in his mind he doesn’t think Pete wants the second chance. Team No Love heads back to the house and Pete Spratt is already having second thoughts about jumping back into the competition. He confides in Mikey and Jorge telling them that he should step aside and let Rich fight. He goes on to reveal that he doesn’t feel that his ground game is where it needs to be, and Rich’s game is much more well rounded. Later that night everyone is asleep except for Shonie. Shonie reveals that he has a sleep depravation disorder. At 3:15 AM Shonies tries to occupy himself by playing pool, but the noise of the balls crashing into each other aggravates the entire house; especially Mikey Burnett. Mikey confronts him telling him to stop and Shonie complies. Mikey feels that Shonie works at pissing people off. Shonie defends his behavior saying that he’s just trying to keep busy and fly below the radar “incognegro” style. Mikey also says that he’s on the verge of killing Shonie, and if he had to stay here another three months with him – Shonie wouldn’t make it.

The next morning at the Ultimate Fighter House, Team No Love wakes up and discovers that Shonie has thrown the bottles back in the pool. Jorge and Rich are extremely irritated with Shonie’s behavior and they make a plea to Din Thomas to talk to him. Din initially agrees with him, but in a confessional he says that the Blue Team is just sour because they’re losing the tournament and they need someone to pick on and that someone is Shonie. Later on, Din tells Shonie that the Blue Team isn’t very happy with his behavior. Shonie says “F*** them, I don’t even like their navy blue jerseys.” Matt Serra defends Shonie’s antics and says it’s entertaining. Jorge then confronts Shonie in the kitchen asking him to take the bottles out of the pool. Shonie finally agrees to clear the pool of all the empty bottles. In the afternoon, Team No Love heads to the UFC Training Center for the fighter replacement meeting. Rich is still uncertain if Pete’s going to fight and has even offered Pete money to sit it out and let him fight. At the meeting Randy asks Team No Love who will be coming back and then Pete Spratt steps up. Rich is still bummed that Pete’s going to fight, but wishes him well. Pete says that he had a tough loss with Chris Lytle, but now he’s got an opportunity to pick himself up and try again. As Team Mojo heads to their training session, Matt Serra is surprised at the fact that Pete Spratt is going to fight again. He also thinks that Team No Love will not match Spratt against him due to the fact that Spratt’s ground game is so weak. Later that night, Shonie finally builds his water bottle raft by putting all of the bottles in a garbage bag and floating on it. Din thinks he looks ridiculous, but Shonie says he has now defied the age-old stereotype that black people can’t swim.

The next day at Team Mojo’s training session, Matt Serra thinks that Team No Love will be picking him to fight Mikey Burnett. Din Thomas doesn’t practice because he’s still feeling the affects of his staph infection. Later on at the fight announcement, Pete Spratt steps up and calls Matt Serra out, but then tells him that he’s not going to fight until next week. Spratt then goes on to announce that Din Thomas is going to fight Mikey Burnett. That night at the Ultimate Fighter House, Matt Serra’s is still commenting on the trick that Team No Love played on him at the fight announcement. He then talks about how it’s really not a good match up for Team No Love because Mikey is a boxer/wrestler and Din is a hard to hit Jiu-Jitsu fighter. Then Jorge reveals that the reason they picked Din is because they’re hoping his staph infection flares up and that’ll make it harder for him to fight at his best. Then Mikey says the reason they picked Din for him to fight was because Din would stand up and trade more than Serra. Upstairs Din and Serra talk about how mercenary it was for them to pick him knowing that he’s sick. Din then tells Serra that what they don’t know is that he’s been on medication and will be fine for the fight. The next day at the Team Mojo training session Din goes over his UFC fight history. Din says that he’s from Port St. Lucie, Florida and he’s been fighting since 1998. He says that what makes him a different fighter is that fact that he knows how to use his brain and athleticism to its fullest degree. His UFC record is 2-2. Din’s first UFC fight was June 29, 2001 at UFC 32 against BJ Penn. Unfortunately for Din, BJ nailed him with a knee to the chin in the first round and knocked him out. Din’s next fight was September 28, 2001 at UFC 33 against Fabiano Iha. Din won that fight by unanimous decision and that win put Din back in title contention. Din then went on to face Japanese superstar Caol Uno on September 27, 2002 at UFC 39, but Uno pulled out the decision and Din was back to square one. Din’s next fight was against Matt Serra on February 28, 2003 at UFC 41. Din needed a win to stay in the UFC. Din reveals that his fight with Serra still to this day is the subject of controversy. It was a very close fight and at the end, Serra was announced the victor. But then the judges realized that Din was ahead on the scorecards and the decision was reversed in his favor later on backstage. Dana talks about how Din hasn’t fought in the UFC since the Serra fight. Din reveals that fighting wasn’t fun anymore and that he was only doing it just for a paycheck. Din talks about being excited again to fight as a welterweight and if he can get to the finals it’s going to be a wrap for him because nobody’s going to beat him in the finals.

At Team No Love’s next training session, Dana talks about how Mikey Burnett is the true veteran of this sport. Dana goes on to explain what the early days of the UFC were like. There were different rules and some guys could fight as many as three times in one night. Mikey then offers his perspective on the early days of the UFC saying that the fights were banned pretty much everywhere because it wasn’t a sport yet — it was a spectacle. Mikey’s first fight in the UFC was on March 13, 1998 at UFC 16 against Eugenio Tadeu. For nine minutes Mikey pummeled Tadeu with heavy punches until the ref stopped the fight. January 8, 1999 at UFC 18 Mikey took on wrestling legend Townsend Saunders. Mikey destroyed Saunders for the entire fight and won a unanimous decision. After that fight Mikey ran into some personal problems and hasn’t fought since. Mikey then reveals that sometimes there are different fights in life that aren’t always in the ring. Mikey also talks about his fight with alcoholism, drugs, and divorce all of which derailed his fighting career. But now he’s looking at a new start and he’s ready to resume his UFC career. At the official weigh-in, Randy says that Mikey’s been out of the game for a while, but his skills are still sharp enough to help him win this fight. GSP talks about Din’s game and how he’s very well rounded. Dana offers the final sentiment saying that both fighters like to bang and it’s going to be a good fight.

Fight Day. Mikey arrives at the UFC Training Center first and talks about how getting back in the cage represents a rebirth for himself. Din arrives and enters his dressing room. Din says that fighting Mikey is going to be awkward for him because in his eyes Mikey is a legend. Mikey hopes Din will be willing trade punches with him. Din says that Mikey is a power puncher, but the only thing he’s going to be hitting is the air because Din plans on being elusive. As Mikey enters the octagon he says that he died years ago, but now he’s alive again and he plans on giving Din a war. Din enters the octagon saying that he’s here to get his title shot and Mikey’s the first step towards his goal. Round One begins and after feeling each other out for the first minute Mikey throws the first punch and misses. Din goes for the takedown and then pulls-guard leaving Mikey on top. Din tries for a triangle choke from his back, but then Mikey stands up and shakes out of Din’s grip. With both fighters standing Mikey connects with a decent leg kick. Din responds with a nice right hand to Mikey’s chin. Mikey then swings wildly and Din then shoots in for the takedown. Mikey defends the takedown by sprawling, but then Din pulls-guard catching Mikey in a triangle choke. In a matter of seconds Mikey taps out. After the fight recap Din says that he was apprehensive about taking the fight with Mikey, but he feels good and is ready to move on to the semis. Mikey talks about how losing is a huge disappointment, but he thinks that he can still compete in the UFC. He talks about how comebacks are hard especially after a seven-year layoff. He’s going to have to think about the future of his fight career after he returns home.