Results – Ultimate Fighter 4 – Episode 8

The following is off the AP Newswire:

Episode 8 – True Colors
Air date: 10/5/2006

Fighters recap Matt Serra’s victory against Pete Spratt. Gideon Ray says that everyone was stunned when out of nowhere Matt fires a big kick to Pete’s head. Pete says he didn’t know that Matt’s little legs could reach that high. Edwin points out that Matt was aggressive and that once he got the take down it was pretty much over. He took Pete’s back and beat his ears in.

At the house, Shonie explains that all of the welterweights from Team Mojo have now made it into the finals. He’s no longer looking at this competition as a team effort and announces to Team No Love that he will be joining them at training today. As Shonie gets into their van, it’s clear that he is not welcome. Team No Love attempts to explain why it isn’t cool to come along to their training session but Shonie responds with “I don’t give a f***.”

During Team No Love’s training session, Jorge Rivera and Rich Clementi explain to Randy Couture that Team Mojo should have stopped Shonie from coming to their session. To illustrate the point, Team No Love is going to take a stand by sticking around for Team Mojo’s training.

On the way to training center, Team Mojo is upset that Shonie has decided to jump ship before everyone has made it through the preliminary round. Matt reminds everyone that Shonie needed the team’s support to win his first fight against Rich Clementi and that the team made an agreement to help each other get to the semi-finals. Matt says he feels betrayed and is going to take care of this situation when he gets to the gym.

Team Mojo arrives at the gym to find Team No Love hanging around. Matt talks to Travis who explains that No Love is sticking around because Shonie stayed for their training session. Matt says that Shonie’s is training with Team No Love because he’s already made it to the semi-finals. Matt is upset because Shonie seems to have forgotten that his own teammates have helped him get as far as he has. Matt reminds Shonie of their original agreement to help each other out until the semi-finals. Shonie tells Matt that this was a one-time event and will never happen again, but Matt is not convinced that Shonie is being sincere.

Later that night, Team No Love tells Team Mojo that earlier, Shonie was saying “F*** the Grey Team.” Matt feels this is a slap in the face. Pete Sell thinks Shonie should be kissing their ass after all the times they stood up for him. Matt is done defending Shonie.

As Patrick Cote steps into the octagon to train, Georges St. Pierre explains that he and Cote have been friends for some time now. He says that Cote is an aggressive fighter. Patrick says GSP is one of the reasons that he is here. GSP says he is looking forward to giving Cote some advice regarding his upcoming fight with Jorge Rivera. GSP thinks Cote needs to put the pressure on and make Jorge back up. If GSP needs to pick a winner, he’s choosing Cote.

Now it’s Jorge’s turn in the octagon. He trains with long time friend and coach, Mark DellaGrotte. Mark thinks Jorge has made a lot of gains since he’s been here and is better rounded in his game than Cote. Jorge thinks he’s a better Thai boxer than Cote and can defeat him in a clinch. He’s going to fight him southpaw with a lot of kicks to the body and head. Mark thinks this fight will come down to whether or not Cote can get Jorge to slug with him.

At the fighter meeting, Dana introduces another guest trainer, the legendary Chuck Liddell. Matt Serra is excited about learning new moves from Liddell. Chuck says he’s here to add to their game, not change it. Cote says he’s excited about having a world champion around.

As Patrick Cote train for his fight, he explains that he’s twenty-six years old and hails from Quebec, Canada. He says that MMA is what he’s best at. He loves to fight and likes to be cocky in front of big crowds. Dana explains he was the light heavyweight champion in Canada and was someone they definitely wanted in the UFC. Unfortunately, he has been struggling in the United States. All three of Cote’s MMA losses come from the UFC.

UFC 50 was Cote’s debut. He was scheduled to fight Marvin Eastman but when Guy Metzger couldn’t compete against Tito Otriz, Cote was given the call and he stepped up to fight the superstar Ortiz. It was a dream come true for Cote to be fighting in the main event in front of a huge crowd for his first UFC experience. Cote actually dropped Tito in the first round but Tito recovered, took Cote down and started to ground and pound. Cote says he received about 200 elbows from Tito, but he survived and proved he was tough fighter.

Cote got his second chance at UFC 52 against Joe Doerksen. It was his first fight at 185 pounds. Cote believes he dominated this fight until he got caught with a rear naked choke in the third round.

Even though he lost, Dana was impressed with Cote’s ability and gave him another shot at Ultimate Fight Night 1 against Chris Leben. They went out and banged for three rounds. Unfortunately, it was a split decision in favor of Leben. Cote thinks he won that fight and says that some people in the media feel the same way too.

Cote says he’s the best fighter with the worst record. He may not have a win in the UFC, but he always puts on a good show. Cote says that someday he wants his picture up on the wall at the training center and is willing to work like a dog to make it happen. Dana says he’s a favorite to win this at 185 pounds. Cote says he came to the competition to win it all and fight Rich Franklin. He believes that nobody is unbeatable on this planet.

Jorge Rivera is a 34 year old from Milford, Massachusetts. He says he was a knucklehead who used to fight a lot. MMA gave him an avenue to release a lot of his anger and pain. Dana saw Jorge fight for the first time at a small show in Boston. He was one of the toughest fighters he had seen in a long time so he gave him a shot in UFC. His overall record is 13 wins and 5 losses. His UFC record is 2 and 3.

Jorge’s first time in UFC octagon was against David Loiseau at UFC 44. They ended up fighting in the clinch. Loiseau opened two cuts on Jorge’s head with his elbows. In the third round Jorge caught Loiseau with a punch. But before he could finish him with strikes, the round was over. Dana says Jorge would have gotten the knock out but had to settle for a unanimous decision win.

Jorge’s second fight was UFC 46 against a street fighter from London, Lee Murray. Murray was rumored to have beaten up Ortiz outside of a club in London. Murray was known for his striking abilities so Jorge decided to take him down but got unexpectedly arm barred less than a minute into the first round.

Jorge next fought Rich Franklin at UFC 50. Rich had won two fights at light heavyweight and this was his first middleweight fight. The fight was an all out war. Jorge surprised Rich early in the first round but Rich came back with a vengeance. In the second round, Jorge actually hurt Rich with some punches and a knee. Round three was the deciding round so Rich took the fight to the ground and finished Jorge with an arm bar. This loss sent Jorge out of the UFC.

Jorge then won 3 out of 4 fights outside of the UFC, so they brought him back for UFC 55. His opponent was Dennis Hallman. Jorge controlled all three rounds of that fight and won by unanimous decision. This win put him back on the road to middleweight title contention.

Jorge next fight was against Chris Leben at Ultimate Fight Night 3. By this time, an undefeated Leben had already beaten Edwin DeWees and Patrick Cote. Leben finished Jorge quickly in the first round but Jorge insists that Leben got lucky. Dana says Jorge’s a tough, durable guy and can really use this opportunity to get his career back on track.

It’s fight day and both Cote and Jorge head to the gym. Cote plans to be on Jorge’s face right from the start and Matt Serra tells him that he needs to control the center of the cage. Cote knows that Jorge want to take him down but he will do everything he can to stand with him and knock him out.
Jorge is going to come out orthodox and use his distance to beat him and if he needs to he’ll take Cote down. Jorge knows that Cote is a good boxer and will want to stand. Both warriors enter the octagon.

Early in round one, Jorge take Cote down to the ground. Jorge attempts to throw big punches but is blocked. Cote struggles to get back up, and manages to kick Jorge in the face. Jorge goes down and Cote is quick to jump on him. Cote tries to advance but he’s having trouble getting past Jorge’s guard. He does manage however, to throw some good punches. They both stand right before the end of the round.

In round two it’s Cote’s who takes Jorge down. Cote gets half guard but struggles to advance. Jorge manages to get Cote in a choke but can’t hold on to him. Jorge ends up pinned on his back again. When they both fail to advance their position, the referee stands them up. They trade punches but quickly clinch against the cage. Cote gets Jorge down again and throws a few shots to the body. Before he can do much damage, the round ends and Cote is declared the winner.

Jorge recaps the beginning of round one and how he took Cote down. Cote says he was not expecting it. Georges St. Pierre explains that Cote was losing the round up until the end when he knocked Jorge down with a kick to the head. Jorge says he got a flash knock out from that kick. Cote noticed that Jorge seemed tired in the second round. Jorge says he doesn’t remember much of round two. He remembers going for the guillotine and then Cote taking him down to finish the round.

Cote is happy about having his first win in the UFC and making it into the semi-finals. Jorge is going to have to face his friends and family with a loss rather than a victory. He fights to put food on his table and is disappointed that he is not going any further in this competition.