Rick Glenn Says UFC 208 Bout Didn’t go as Planned, But is ‘Blessed’ to Get Win

Image Credit: Sean Porkorny of USA TODAY Sports

Rick Glenn is happy to get back in the win column.

Despite nabbing a “Fight of the Night” bonus for his bout with Evan Dunham back in Sept. 2016, Glenn didn’t walk away with a win. He had an opportunity to rebound in his fight against Phillipe Nover this past Saturday night (Feb. 11). The two battled inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY at UFC 208.

“The Gladiator” defeated Nover by split decision. This is the first victory Glenn has earned inside the Octagon.

Glenn appeared on the ninth episode of the MMA News Podcast. The 27-year-old featherweight admitted that the fight wasn’t exactly what he envisioned. While victory was never in doubt, Glenn wished he could’ve secured the finish:

“No it didn’t go to plan, well besides winning. I knew I was gonna win, the plan was to win. But I really wanted a finish and I’m just very blessed that I won. I don’t like to go to a decision. I don’t normally go to a decision. My last three fights have gone to a decision, so I’m ready for a change. I don’t like that at all.”

One of the more memorable moments at the ceremonial UFC 208 weigh-ins, was when “The Filipino Assassin” offered Glenn Valentine’s Day goodies. While Glenn was appreciative of the gesture, he decided to give the gifts to the Octagon girls.

“The Gladiator” didn’t hesitate to contact his wife and offered a swift apology.

“He surprised me with the Valentine’s gifts. I knew it was coming because I saw him with them backstage. And then when I got them, I didn’t want them to go to waste so I gave them to the ring girls. And right away I texted my wife and apologized. She thought it was funny, (she) didn’t mind. It’s all just a funny little gag I guess.”

You can listen to episode nine of the MMA News Podcast in its entirety below:

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