Rise Fighting Championship Fight Results From Oregon

Shane Kido sent along the following:

Eugene, Oregon April 28 — Fight fans were treated to an all professional MMA card that featured fighters from Hawaii versus fighters from the mainland. The fighters from Hawaii, including several from BJ Penn's team and 808 Fight Factory, were swept by their mainland counterparts. The mainland fighters obtained the sweep by submitting their opponents. The fight of the night, a local rivalry match, went to local fighters Mark Manning, from Team Megaton, and Jason Giorgianno, from Art of War. Both fighters gave it their all from the first round to the last. Giorgianno took the unanimous decision for the win but looked to have taken more damage during the fight. Please visit http://www.risefc.com for event photos.

Contestants Results

Takahiro Kijuire

vs Winner: Will Shutt by TKO @ 3:21 of round 1

Will Shutt

Brian Jackson

vs Winner:Lance Wipf by TKO @ 4:26 of round 1

Lance Wipf

James Sever

vs Winner: Chad Nelson by Tapout @ 2:48
of round 1
Rear Naked Choke
Chad Nelson

Donald Gonzales

vs Winner: Andy Lukesh by Tapout @ 3:05
of round 1
Andy Lukesh

Duke Saragosa

vs Winner: Marc Daoust by Tapout @ 1:46
of round 1
Marc Daoust

Mark Manning

vs Winner: Jason Georgianna by
unanimous decision
Jason Georgianna Randy Westbrook 27-30
Matt Shandy 28-29
Rick Campos 27-30

Nassor Lewis

vs Winner: Evan Dunham by Tapout @
1:16 of round 1
Evan Dunham

Jay Carter

vs Winner: JD Stanley by Tapout @ :52
of round 2
JD Stanley

Mike Aina

vs Winner: Joel Thomas by Split Decision
Joel Thomas Randy Wesbrook 28-29
Matt Shandy 28-29
Rick Campos 29-28

Medical Suspensions

Takahiro Kijuire 7 Days
Brian Jackson 14 Days
Jason Georgianna 7 Days
JD Stanley 7 Days
Mike Aina 7 Days