Roan Carneiro Uncertain With UFC Future, Feels Robbed

As he tells

I did five fights, I have two victories, two losses and one robbery. I had a four fight contract and did two, let’s see how it’ll be now, I don’t know if they’ll call me for these two fights or just end my contract. I’ll let this in Alex Davis (his manager) and God’s hands”, said Juco, that is not worried about leaving the event.

“I’d like to do these last two fights, but this last one was very frustrating. I don’t blame UFC, I failed my tactics, but I won. If I need to leave UFC that’s ok. Babalu (Sobral) left, TimSylvia, Arlovski, and many others did and are still there fighting. Of course UFC is the biggest, but it’sthe only one”, said the BJJ black belt, that thought about fight at Jungle Fight, in Rio de Janeiro. “I want to fight again in Brazil, and Jungle Fight is growing and if Wallid Ismail (Jungle Fight promoter) wanna a welterweight fighter, I’d love to fight. Jungle is in my hometown, I’d love to see my friends and fight is what I know to do”.


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