Robbie Lawler On Title Shot Against Hendricks: “Cool”

Getting a crack at the UFC Welterweight Championship might be something most would get extremely excited about. That is of course if your name isn’t Robbie Lawler.

With Georges St. Pierre stepping away from MMA, Robbie Lawler and Johny Hendricks were awarded the opportunity to fight for the vacated 170lb title.

When’s Ariel Helwani reached out to Lawler’s manager Monte Cox for a reaction, the typically quiet Lawler kept his emotions in check.

“He was excited as only Robbie can be. He said, Cool.” Cox stated.

  • Chuck Hall

    i hope lawler breaks hendricks ugly fuckn face, lawlers the real deal, hendrickss is just one if danas little whores

  • Nick Ambrose

    man of few words and dynamite hands

  • Carl Brown

    Lawler has never been one to trash talk, he’ll let his dynamite hands talk for him!

  • Erik Thompson

    Awesome fight

  • Ken Pfeiffer

    lawler will go to sleep, he has a questionable chin, Diaz KO’d him with a jab