Ronda Rousey: Cyborg “Knows Where I’m At” If She Wants To Get Her Ass Beat


During a media gathering this week Los Angeles, UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey talked about the possibility of fighting Cris “Cyborg” Venancio:

“I wanted to fight [Cris Cyborg], but the thing is, she’s the one that ran away. They announced out of competition drug testing in the UFC and within 24 hours she asked for her release. Then she started saying that ‘Oh I won’t be able to make 135, because then it will be much harder for me to have kids.

Then I was I like ‘you didn’t give a flying fuck’ about how having steroids would have affected her kids, let’s put an over/under on your miscarriages now just based on that. I would never lose sleep at night over Cris Cyborg in any situation.

If she wants to come and get her ass beat, she knows where I’m at. She knows where I’m at. But she’s not making any effort to get there.”

Who do you think would win a fight between these two? Comment below.

  • MalaysianInvasion

    Ronda is so hot!

  • Aceofspades801

    You gotta love her.

    • stanthemanoo7

      its going down ..
      Cyborg sounds pissed.. rousey is getting beat down with no mercy .
      The truth at any weight .Rousey has no chance…rousey wont make it out of the first round..if she does it wont be good..Well as the saying goes.. you can run but you cant hide..Talk is comes the BOOM

  • raven

    ROWDY Ronda Rousey with a great promo

  • Cenas Golden Shovel

    Wow have a picture of Ronda rousey looking her best and one of cyborg looking her worst what idiot made that picture

  • Patrick

    Did anyone else think that was a before and after picture?

  • bao

    just for the comments she gives ..I would love to see Ronda sv Christiane NHB fighting each other …so we dont need to accept those weight excuses she hides behind….good ol days princess ….no weight classes needed

  • Randy James Crawford

    Just have 135 vs 145 it’s only 10 pounds Dana White book it.

    • ralkgraciejits

      What a loud mouth,,she is so full of it..cyborg will drop to 135.. ronda wants to fight gina..who was beat down and stopped via tko..wants to fight a fighter that is coming off a layoff of many years..We all know its all b.s and she is so scared of cyborg.. This cyborg girl is gonna kill these girls..she I like a female brock lesner..Ronda will fight gina first 145 and not cyborg..please..what b.s

    • Tim o shay 44

      Hey bro. no worries about cyborg making 135…just read cyborg hired Aponte training to make weight.. Not good for rousey..that guy is amazing..bjpenn has never looked in shape like that guy had him in..i just watched the youtube video on Aponte training ..leaner faster stronger..rousey is gonna get smashed..War is coming between these two ..cant wait..Bones vs cormier ..lots of awesome stuff a good war

  • John A

    I always thot Cyborg would crush Ronda. But after a string of quick impressive wins, Rhonda has proved her stripes. Still think the odds are in favor of Cyborg if she’s on her man-type game, but these 2 are clearly the best of the females. And a Carano fight w Ronda is a JOKE. Gina is a good looking B-level fighter. Everyone talked about her elite stand-up- slow and girly-like- and unsurprisingly, Cyborg beat her down like a man fighting a girl. lol.

  • bcdemon

    Ummm, maybe Ronda forgot that SHE ran from Cyborg and Gina way back when by dropping to 135.