Rory MacDonald Says He Won’t Fight Georges St. Pierre

UFC welterweight contender Rory MacDonald stayed on the winning track this past weekend with a decision victory over Jake Ellenberger at UFC on FOX 8 and was a guest on FUEL TV’s post fight show.

During his appearance he discussed the bout but also made it clear that he has no plans on fighting Georges St. Pierre.

“I won’t fight Georges.” He said. “We’ll come to an alternative if it comes to it. I want the belt by the time I’m 25. But I don’t want to fight Georges. I’d like to fight a top-10 or a top-5 fighter. I’d like to fight Carlos Condit again.”

Check out a clip of the whole interview below:

  • Anthony Lino

    Who wants to see a couple of sissies that don’t like to engage run from each other everytime they get too close for 25 minutes? Rory is a punk and he proved it this weekend.

  • Dwayne Hamm

    Because it would be a very boring fight that Rory will never win.

  • Kiel Harding

    That would be painful to watch.

  • Natasha Stevenson

    I thought Rory liked to hurt people? I didn’t seen any of that this weekend…

  • Joseph Barker

    SHUT UP… he just saying that so he does not get kick out of GSP house… Does he really think anyone to enclude GSP believes him…

  • Joe Hamilton


  • Chad Fisher

    Funny how a guy has one fight that is a lil boring and now he’s the least exciting fighter to all you clowns. How about he just made an excellent fighter in ellenberger look like an amateur. Fuckin mma fans ruin the sport, or should I say American mma fans ruin the sport. If all you knobs just wanna watch guys throw caution to the wind, go hang out at your local bar at 2am for that shit. There is strategy to winning in the ufc and sometimes a fight is gonna be a lil less exciting than others. Especially when its a number 1 contender fight, it happens all the time. Pay attention, and if you fucks don’t like mma go watch your painfully boring pastime sport of baseball. Maybe that will cheer you up!

  • Kevin Rene Maldonado Ralph

    Do it rory !

  • Ryan Brady

    He didn’t fight his last opponent either! So I believe that

  • Daniel Loucas

    What a surprise.

  • Justin Lasut

    He wants to win the belt by 25, but not if he has to fight GSP for it? They’ll come to an “alternative” to it? Like what, hope GSP just hands him the belt? Garbage like this is turning MMA into boxing – i.e. a joke. I thought he was a professional.

  • Jake Seal

    Rory didn’t make Ellenberger look like an amateur. Jake made Jake look like an amateur. The fight was outright boring. Jake barely did ANYTHING the whole time, and all Rory did was neutralize him. He never really hurt him. He landed a few jabs and counters. But, neither fighter was really in any trouble.

    I’m not a fan of Rory’s at all. But, I expected him to win. He didn’t fight with half the aggression he had against BJ Penn. The fight sucked, and Ellenberger looked terrible. Ellenberger looked kind of flabby, and was much slower and more timid than I’ve ever seen.

    If I were Rory, I wouldn’t want to fight GSP, either. Not with a performance like that as a precursor to the fight. GSP would murder him. Might be the first fight GSP FINISHES in the last several years. Hell, if I were Dana, I wouldn’t offer him a title shot if he wanted one after that less than stellar showing.

    If he fights Condit again, and uses that strategy, Condit finishes him again. Condit almost had GSP out cold, and is the only fighter to give GSP ANY trouble in half a decade. Rory wouldn’t have the same odds against a fighter of Georges’s caliber. He’d get wrecked… Bad.

  • Anthony Barela

    Maybe he will call out Carlos Condit again and actually have the nerves to go through with it.

  • Paul Wallace

    Him and Jake had to be one of the most boring fights in UFC history. I’m sure Dana was pissed!!