Rousimar Palhares Banned From The UFC

After another incident of holding the submission too long, it appears Rousimar Palhares days as a UFC competitor are now over.

Palhares defeated Mike Pierce in the first round of this week’s UFC Fight Night 29 in Brazil but did not let go of a locked in heel hook after Pierce tapped or as the ref tried to separate the fighters.

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann tweeted that UFC President Dana White has informed him that it will be the last time it happens in the UFC cage as Palhares has been banned for life by the company.

  • Jason Hritz

    It’s great to see him gone!! I can’t stand that man.

  • Brian Bland

    The guys a idiot

  • Dustin Pulliam

    Won’t have to hear idiots call him Paul Harris now…

  • Kevo Christopher

    Not banned, just released

  • Timothy Moore

    he will be in bellator soon. this guy is too good but he has got shafted in one of his previous fights. look forward to seeing him fight again.

  • Jeff Cates

    Good riddance! He has no honor or respect for another competitor. He doesn’t deserve to compete at that level.

  • Eddie Williams

    Well there is always Bellator….

  • David Guerrero

    no kevo hes been banned and release dana white said it himself

  • Erik Torres

    Bullshit. They guy wasn’t even injured. I could see if he messed the guy up, but he didn’t.

  • Jake Seal

    He received the same treatment Paul Daley got for being a cunt. As much as I wanted to like Palhares, because of his submission skills, I simply couldn’t. He fights way too dirty. Holding submissions too long wasn’t the only sketchy stuff he did.

    Makes no sense. Has raw talent, and holds potential to be a champion at some point down the road. Yet, he chooses to fight like a douche. I must say it was good to see Lombard separate Palhares from his senses when they fought, though. Clearly, that ass kicking didn’t humble him.

  • Dwayne Hamm

    Typical Brazilian douche bag. PED’s are in every fighters medicine cabinet. Makes em crazier than heck.

  • ufcpolitics

    Bellator said no thanks to Palhares. Also, ufc banned Babalu also for holding a sub for a long time after.