Roy Jones Jr. Tuning Up For Anderson Silva, Says It’s Got To Happen

Anderson Silva has been vocal in the past about wanting to face former boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. in a match and now Jones Jr. is eyeing the longtime former UFC middleweight champion as well.

In an interview earlier this week with, Jones Jr. discussed the possibility of facing Silva in the future, quite possibly sooner rather than later:

“If he beats Weidman, then we’ll do a boxing match, which is what he wants to do,” said Jones. “The Gunn fight would give me a tune-up so I’m ready for the fight in case he beats Weidman. So if he beats Weidman, I’ve got to be ready for it because he’s going to be coming for me and I want to be ready when he comes for me. I want to give him what he wants.”

“He said that’s his lifelong dream. We’ve got to make that happen. He’s a great striker and a great defender.”

It’s definitely not set in stone but is something that could happen. If Jone Jr. and Silva were to box, who do you think would take it? Let us know.

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  • Dylan Dza Walker

    I’d love to see this.

  • Jon Smith

    Roy Jones will knock him out fast

  • Nathan Brummie Waldron

    Phil McCluskey

  • Anthony D Millin

    Anderson Silva you are still considered to be one of the greatest fighters off all time in mixed martial arts, and I respect you for want you have done. The last fight you had, you became wreckless and you lost your focus and determination. Concentrate for the fight in hand in December and for now leave the Roy Jones fight well alone. Do you think Weidam is concentrating on you or his next fight?

  • Derick Bellis

    Be serious dude, the spider would mop the canvas with u.

  • Joshua Forter

    Are you guys retarded? Roy Jones Jr will destroy Silva in a boxing match.

  • Andrew Kowalec

    It would be interesting to see but Roy Jones is 44 and Anderson is younger and has been training steady for years. Roy Jones has been sitting pretty doing nothing since his acting career failed. If any of you actually think that Roy Jones has a fighting chance at this point, you obviously have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

  • Gio Van Dam

    For you poser fans who only got hip to MMA in the last few years Anderson silva was a decorated boxing champ in Brazil so be serious

  • KingSpadeRed

    Silva obviously has excellent striking, but he would be at a huge disadvantage against Jones Jr. because he would lose his thai clinch, his knees, elbows, and kicks. The second big question is his chin. Because he is so good offensively, he rarely gets hit hard in the face while standing up – which will happen A LOT if he fights Jones Jr. I think Silva will take the belt back in December, but I doubt he would last more than 3 rounds boxing with Jones Jr. It’s just not the same. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Jones Jr. would last 2 rounds in the Octagon with Silva either.

  • Mike Ashby

    Lets be real here. Roy Jones Jr, is an Olympic Silver Medalist (1988), and has been a world Boxing Champion and force in the professional Boxing scene for two decades. Silva being a Brazilian Boxing really isn’t the same class…lol. Silva is most dangerous with his elbows and kicks, to a much lessor degree with his hands. After all Silva was knocked out cold by Weidman, who certainly isn’t in the class of Roy Jones. Be real, this would be a great fight for the fans, but Jones hammers Silva, end of story…

  • Rocky Balderston

    Why? Roy hasn’t been relevant or good in a decade and Anderson is NOT a boxer. I have zero interest in this.

  • MELR58

    Anderson will get thumped. A ring, not a cage, so there will be corners. An over the hill boxer who was a champ is still a better boxer than Silva (who only had two pro fights by the way, and is 1 and 1). Weidman’s going to beat him anyway, so it probably won’t happen. Then Dana’s hype machine will seamlessly move on to the next best marketing target…

  • cammad18

    That all sounds nice, but did you miss the part about it being a “BOXING” match? Just as surely as Anderson would take RJjr apart in an MMA contest, RJjr would disassemble the spider in a boxing ring. I know it’s difficult for you to see that, but rest assured…it would happen,