Royce Gracie On Ken Shamrock Testing Positive For Steroids: “It Made No Difference”

When Ken Shamrock was popped for steroids in his drug test for his Bellator 149 fight against Royce Gracie, the MMA world wasn’t exactly shocked. When Royce Gracie himself found out, he didn’t even seem to care.

“I don’t think too much about it,” Gracie told when asked about Shamrock’s drug test failure for their long-awaited trilogy fight. “It doesn’t make any difference. It made no difference.”

In 2009, Shamrock also tested positive for steroids after a win over Ross Clifton on a smaller MMA event. Apparently Gracie wasn’t aware of that fact either.

“I don’t follow Shamrock,” he said, “so I didn’t even know he was caught (for steroids) before.”

Regarding the controversy surrounding the finish to their Bellator 149 fight earlier this month, Gracie feels there was no controversy at all. Instead, it was simply a case of Shamrock being Shamrock.

“Shamrock was always famous for complaining and making excuses,” said Gracie. “He was kneed in the stomach, it wasn’t a low blow. I told him after the fight, ‘if you want to complain, complain to the referee’. But when I saw the replay, it wasn’t a low blow. The second knee hit his face and he kind of went out. He was lost, and woke up when he hit the ground.”