Rumor: CroCop Vs. Overeem Could Happen On NYE

CroCop spoke with a local Croatian news station and informed them that him and Alistair Overeem would be settling their differences on New Year's Eve. Their bout on September 26th ended in a DQ victory for Mirko Filipovic after Overeem repeatedly kneed him in the pills. Props to for the translation:

“I would like to go into the fact if the strikes were deliberate or not. I know some people were saying that I was saved by the fact the match was ended. There was blood, but those cuts were nothing, small cuts to the arcades and I wasn't hurt until I got hit in the nuts. The third strike into the nuts was very powerful and the biggest problem was that the cup squashed my nuts. I'm sad, I'm sure that he is also but we'll meet again on NYE to settle the score.” Stressing that the fight isn't confirmed by dream yet but its highly likely.


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