Rumor: K-1 Makes Offer To Purchase UK-Based Cage Rage

The following is an excerpt from an article by Lee Whitehead on

Interesting developments on the UK MMA scene of late would lead you to believe that Zuffa LLC (owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship) is in the process of purchasing venerable British promotion Cage Rage; the reality is a little different…

Sources close to Cage Rage have confirmed that K-1 has tabled an offer in the neighborhood of 10 million pounds as a takeover of the company and all its assets. The deal has apparently come about due in large part to the pending purchase of Pride FC by the UFC owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta and the severance of links between Cage Rage and Pride FC. Cage Rage has recently been somewhat of a feeder show for Pride FC with several fighters under contract to Pride FC fighting on Cage Rage events.

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