Rumor Killer On Fake Tommy Rowlands Interview

Chris Howie Reporting:

Two weeks ago on an interview with Ohio State Wrestler Tommy Rowlands appeared on the site. Unfortunately for all parties involved, someone posing as Mr. Rowlands took the opportunity to pretend to be him and went forth posing as him for quite some time on the forums. This imposter knew quite a bit of information about Mr. Rowlands and created the impression that he actually was him. An interview took place between this imposter and one of the writers here at Said interview was unfortunately published here on and since, the real Mr. Rowlands has been in contact to let us know the interview is a false and that he said none of the comments contained within the piece.

The interview was removed immediately and a small retraction was placed as a “newsbit” within a regular news offering here on the site. Apparently that didn't get the word out, as several amateur wrestling forums and message boards are still reporting the information contained within the interview as fact. We are here to say as publicly as possible that none of the information was legitimate and the whole situation is completely our fault.

We would like to issue this as a public retraction on the piece, as well as offer our sincerest public apologies to Mr. Rowlands and anyone within Mr. Rowlands' entourage who was effected in any way by our false reporting.

Any questions, please feel free at [email protected]