Sean Salmon's Opponent, Allan Weickert, Speaks on Tainted Victory

Weickert speaks Sherdog regarding the situation with Sean Salmon claiming he threw the fight against Weickert:

Sherdog: What was your reaction to Salmon’s essay?
Weickert: Mixed. I didn’t know how to take it. How he said he threw the fight — come on, man. If you give up, you give up. What do you mean, throwing the fight? Reword it a little bit. And about pulling his arm out then pulling it back in, no, [he] didn’t do that. He wanted out. He didn’t want to fight me any longer. I was prepared, he wasn’t. He knew that. He knew it was going to get worse later on in the fight.

Sherdog: That’s really where most people take serious issue with Salmon’s statement: that he got out of your armbar attempt, then “put it back in” so he could end the fight. Did you see that?
Weickert: I had the armbar in, but I knew I didn’t have it. My legs were wide open. I didn’t have my knees pinched. He repositioned his body. It sunk it in a little bit deeper. But my legs were still wide. I started hitting him with some strikes and then my corner said, “Just go for it.” So I started arching. I was getting ready to let go and reposition and just get to my feet and go from there. But I went for it and he tapped. I was getting ready to let go and I saw his hand come up and I was like, “You have to be kidding me.”

Sherdog: To be clear: the idea that he purposely positioned his arm for you to grab again — that didn’t happen?
Weickert: I didn’t see that at all. I had the arm the whole time. His body movement may have moved it. From what I was doing, he had to move that way or else he would’ve ended up falling over. I think he wanted out.

Sherdog: And if you could use one word to describe Salmon?
Weickert: I think that would be “coward.”