Shane Carwin Talks UFC 104 Bout With Cain Velasquez

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“The scouting report on Cain is that he is well rounded and has an unlimited gas tank. He is an aggressive fighter who posses a ton of skill. Cain is a legitimate contender and I hope that winner gets a shot. I think my striking is an advantage but honestly you never know until you are in the cage. A good example was when Gabe took me down, we had drilled that situation so many times that it was like second nature getting back to my feet. You kind of go on auto pilot when the cage door closes. That is why a lot of guys say pre-fight `I am going to stand and bang’ and they’re shot as soon as a single leg happens. You’re not thinking about your interviews or promises made to your fans. Your going over your game plan and looking for those situations your coaches told you would be there.”