Shaw Talks Ninja vs. Lawler, Diaz's EXC Debut & More

The following is a quote from from today's Elite XC media conference call with promoter Gary Shaw. Hey Gary, I was just wondering with the acquisition of Pride from the UFC, it has left a lot of free agents out on the market and not to beat the proverbial “dead horse” that is Fedor Emelianenko but are you guys going after some of the bigger name fighters in MMA? I mean you have Ninja, Villasenor, I heard you picked up Nick Diaz. So could you enlighten me on some of those areas?

Gary Shaw: Sure, the door to Elite XC here in California is always open to all fighters. We have been speaking to some, what you would call, name fighters. I'm also a huge believer in building young talent and new stars, I believe they are out there. But we are always open to speak to those out their who have something to bring to EliteXC and Showtime. Right, right. Do you have any idea on who Nick Diaz or Ninja may be fighting next?

Gary Shaw: “Um, Yeah, I mean I'll tell ya this. We don't have the bout contracts signed, so you can call this a scoop or whatever you want. But on September 15th in Hawaii the main event will be Robbie Lawler vs. Ninja for the EliteXC belt…Also with this fight we will have four or five other bouts that you will be really excited about…..We're hoping to bring Nick back on the 15th as well, but we do not have an opponent as of yet.”

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