Silva Explains Why He Turned Down Liddell Fight

The following is from Wanderlei Silva's official website, translated and touched up by the gang at

Wanderlei Silva responds via video posted on his website to the allegations that he turned down a fight with Chuck Liddell for UFC 76 in September.

In the video Wanderlei stated, “I never said that I wouldn't fight Chuck. I've wanted this fight for a long time”

The former Pride champion continued, “I received a contract with two options, I could fight in September or November. I have chosed to make this fight in November. I was the first to want this fight, but they kept avoiding this fight. Now there's a lot of people saying that I have ducked Chuck. This is not true”

According to Silva, the timing for the fight to take place in September did not work for him. He explained, “I am in a moment of transition in my life. I'm going to move to the U.S. in a few weeks. I'm going to live in the U.S. and there's a lot of things happening, and I'm not focused on training the way I want to be. I always fought at the time the promoters wanted. Sometimes I did things I should not have done, but this time I won't do that anymore.”

Denying he ever turned down a fight with Chuck Liddell, Silva said, “I want to fight chuck in November and make a huge show, and make it the biggest show ever…I have no doubts it's the most important fight of my life. I know Chuck is a great name in the U.S., we'll do a great fight. I think I must be in my best shape, so I want this time to train better to be in my bets shape ever.”

Wanderlei asserted, “This fight is on, if he Chuck doesn't hide behind this mess.”