Silva Wants To See Marquardt Vs. Henderson, Title Eliminator

Ed Soares talks during the UFC 102 post fight press conference about what the Anderson Silva camp would like to see before defending his middleweight title again:

“[Silva] wants to fight the biggest fights possible,” Soares said. “Right now, I think Nate Marquardt had a great fight tonight. I think the fight that should happen is Nate Marquardt vs. Dan Henderson for the No. 1 title contender. That's what I believe.”

Although it does make sense, Henderson doesn't seem keen staying at 185lbs unless he is fighting for the title:

“If I don't get the title shot right now at 185 — [Silva] is the only guy I want to fight at 185 (pounds),” Henderson said. “Beyond that, I would probably go up to 205 (pounds) if I don't fight Anderson at 185.

“I like fighting at 205 (pounds). More of a challenge for me, I guess.”

While Marquardt seems game for whoever:

“I don't really care who I fight next,” Marquardt said. “I want to fight the best opponents, and I feel like I'm going to get my shot when it's time — when it's my time.

“[A title shot with Silva] doesn't have to be next. I'd be glad if it was next, but whatever is next, I'm excited for it.”