Stann Calls For Mir To Retire: “He Has Absolutely Nothing Left To Prove”

After watching him get knocked out by Mark Hunt in the first round of their UFC Fight Night 85 main event on Saturday night, UFC analyst Brian Stann has seen enough of Frank Mir inside the Octagon — and he’s letting it be known.

Stann spoke about his desire to see former UFC Heavyweight Champion Mir hang up the gloves following his latest knockout loss, claiming Mir has “absolutely nothing left to prove in this sport.”

Stann said, “Frank Mir has absolutely nothing left to prove in this sport. He won the heavyweight title twice. He’s one of the all-time greats. People could argue he’s the best heavyweight we’ve seen in the UFC because of the legacy he has.”

When asked flat out if he wants to see Mir fight again, Stann made it clear that he does not.

“I don’t. Everyone knows when they’ve seen me analyze sports, I’m really on the cautious side when it comes to retirement and putting yourself at risk. I think Frank Mir, the minute he retires, is an automatic induction into the Hall of Fame. I would like to see him put a suit and tie on, come behind this desk, because he’s forgotten more about this sport than most analysts will ever know.”